Kagz's and Sorcha's Facepack 1: Elves. 

Created By Kagz and Sorcha Ravenlock 

This file contains 26 retextured playable heads. 10 are Woodelf Females, 8 are High Elf Females, and 8 are Dark Elf Females. 

Most of the faces are subtly glowmapped, to give eyes, lipgloss,tattoos and gems a lovely shine. 

Some of the eyes are too big for the mesh.A lot of the Daz/Poser figures have large eyes, and Sorcha felt that making the eyes smaller would take away the personality of the face.For that reason, there are no plans to correct this, now or in the future. 
In thruth, it is hardly noticable, but sometimes the blinking animation might seem a bit odd. 

All the faces are based on Daz renders by Kagz, and adapted to fit on Rhedd's Meshes by Sorcha Ravenlock. 

If you want to use our mod for your own modding purposes, please ask our permission and mention us in your read me. 

Just unzip to the data files directory. 

This mod has been cleaned with TESTool. 
Only Morrowind is needed to run this mod, non of the expansion packs 

Rhedd for the meshes. 
NeilV for all his (invaluable) help. 
Qarl for his inspirational glowmapping. 
Kagz for the Daz renders 
Sorcha for adapting them to Rhedd's Meshes. 


Email: sorcha_ravenlock@eircom.net
Website: http://homepage.eircom.net/~cotnfan/

Kagz: http://www.kagrenac.co.uk/Morrowind/