Español/Spanish for 5th and 6th Class

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The Department of Education has begun a pilot scheme for the teaching of modern languages for 5th and 6th classes in primary schools. The languages involved are French, German and Spanish. Each school chooses one language and St. Cronan's has chosen Spanish. The teacher this year is Ana Pardo whose voice you can hear on the recordings. The written exercises are by Seán Longwill from Mr. Barry's 6th class.
Click on the Real Audio logo below to listen. If you do not have the Real Audio Player on your PC click HERE to obtain it (it's free but there's also a version you can pay for).
Material from "El Pueblo de Lola" has been used with permission of Embajada de España, Consejeria de Educación y Ciencia.

Lesson 1 - How are You

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