Crowenstown graveyard is a very old graveyard near our school.

We visited the graveyard with our teacher.

It was a freezing cold day. The tears rolled down our teachers face with the cold and we all laughed at her.

There were lots of nettles in the graveyard. I hate nettles because I am afraid of getting stung.

Teacher took some pictures in the graveyard. Most of the graves are over 100 hundred years old and some are even over 200 years old. A few of the gravestones are in the shape of Celtic Crosses. We all liked the ones that look like Celtic Crosses.

It was hard to read some of the writing on the gravestones because it was worn off, as it was so old.

Teacher said a prayer for all the people who are buried in the graveyard. The graveyard in not used any more.


By: Wendy O’Neill



Celtic cross

Oldest Gravestone

Some of the gravestones were in the shape of Celtic Crosses



  This is the oldest gravestone that we found.The date is 1784>





Family grave


 Nugent was the most common name in the graveyard









 We said a prayer for all the people in the graveyard