* Farming *

Farming is very important in Crowenstown. There are three pupils that live on farms in our class .Two are suckler farms and the other is a Dairy farm. In a Dairy herd you use a milking parlour for milking two-times a day. Every morning and evening you feed the calves with buckets of milk, which the cows have produced in the day.

In a milking parlour there are clusters. There are four clusters in a set. These are put on the cow spins to suck out the milk.

Milking Parlour



In late summer and early autumn the farmer cuts the silage. First the grass is mowed and then it is brought in a special tractor to the yard. Here it is covered with polythene for the winter.





In the suckler herds the cowsí calf all through the year. In the winter the cows are put in slated sheds. A slated shed is a shed with cubicles and there are gaps in the floor for the waste to drop through into the tank. This then can be emptied about twice a year. Twice a day the cows are released into the yard and the calves are let out to drink. The calves are usually sold as weanlings (1 and a half years old)

Living on a farm is hard work but we all like it.

By Rachel, James and David

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