The History of Crowenstown N.S.

  • The old school in Crowenstown was reduced to rubble on 6th December 1989.
  • The school was 148 years old. Children were being taught in it for 127 years from 1841 1968. It was one of the first primary schools in Ireland
  • Most people who attended the school were sad that it was knocked down.
  • There were two teachers there at one time, Margaret O Brien and Elizabeth O Brien who were sisters. They lived upstairs in the old school.



  • There was no playground in the school so the children played on the road.
  • The pupils had to bring a sod of turf or a stick everyday to keep the fire going.
  • The rubble of the old school is buried underground. Today there is hardly a trace of the old school.


  • The plaque at the front of the school was taken out by hand.
  • Freddie Revington who owned the school brought the plaque from there into the new school. The plaque is now placed at the new school gate.
  • The new school in Crowenstown was opened in 1968. There are 3 classrooms in it and a staff room. There is a very large play area.
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