"The Phoenix Park"

Map of the Phoenix Park


The origin of the park dates back to the 12th century. It was opened to the general public by Lord Chesterfield in 1745.It is now the largest urban Park in Europe .It lies within the largest population centre in Ireland. The Phoenix Park covers 1,752 acres of land. It contains Gardens, Wildernesses, Walking areas and Nature trails. The Park is situated on the north bank of the Liffey River (in the centre of Dublin).


Phoenix Park Trees

Enclosed in the Park is:

Aras an Uachtarian, home of the President of Ireland,

Dublin Zoo and

Residence of  American Ambassador



The Residence of the American Ambassador to Ireland








It is a sanctuary for birds, 33 hundred species of flower, grasses and ferns .


Deer In the Phoenix Park


The Park has been a home for the fallow deer since 1662. Deer can been seen roaming through the park.




Trees play an important role in the Irish culture. The Phoenix Park in 1985 had 10,000 Trees planted. Varieties of Ash, Oak, Lime, Beech, Sycamore, Evergreens, Hawthorn, and Horse chestnut are found in the Park.

The Phoenix Park is one of the few remaining spaces of Land undisturbed by modern Farming methods. The Park is a home to a Cricket Club and Polo Club. Polo is not a common game in Ireland and many Dublin people would go to view the Polo Players on their horses on Sundays.




Garda Headquarters


The Garda Headquarters are also in the grounds of the Phoenix Park as is the Ordnance Survey office. This is where Irish maps are made.




When Pope John Paul II visited Ireland in 1979 he said a mass in the Phoenix Park and thousands of people came to the mass. There is a huge cross erected where the altar was, to commemorate his visit.







The Phoenix Park has a long History. An incident that occurred in the park is often mentioned in history books.

Lord Frederick Cavendish British Secretary of Ireland and Thomas Henry Burke his under-secretary were walking in the Phoenix Park where they were stabbed to death by the Fenians. Two of the Fenians were arrested and 3 were sentenced to penal servitude. Charles S. Parnell was alleged in 1887 to be involved with the stabbing. No Official connection however was ever discovered

Facts about Áras an Úachta\rain

The Presidents of Ireland



Douglas Hyde 1938-1945

Sean T.O’Kelly 1945-1959

Eamon deValera 1959-1973

Erkine Childres 1973- 1974 (Died in Office)

Cearbhall O’ Dalaigh 1974-1976 (Resigned)

Patrick Hillery 1976-1990

Mary Robinson 1990-1997

Mary McAleese 1997- to date


'Help me to build bridges'

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Her aim for her presidency is "to build bridges"