Tools - Table saw

Brand: Elektra Beckum
Model: PKF 255 V8

The tool with the largest footprint in the workshop, it takes a lot of space when using the miter fence!

My impression, notes and critics:
I love this table saw. Of course you could say I don't know any better and you would be right. My first table saw was a small PowerDevil 10" which would deafen you in a minute. The PKF 255's induction motor is music in comparison.

I got all the accessories. The sliding carriage (180cm long), now that I have it I wouldn't do with out it. It make crosscutting very easy fast and accurate. A stop allows you to set the miter at 90 degree every time. The angle ruler is very accurate also. The sliding is so smooth, it's a real pleasure to use. I tend to use it for cross cutting small lengths of timber instead of using my Miter saw. I am able to cut large panels very precisely with the carriage. One problem is that the power switch is actually located under the carriage, which renders it difficult to access in a rush!
There is an attachment at the end of the carriage with allow you to hold the end of board while you cut one edge straight, ingenious.
The Scoring blade is not just a gizmo, it really cuts laminate neatly. I made several tests cutting with and without it and it's just black or white, and nice accessory.
The yellow blade cover is very good too. It allows to suck dust from above the blade, works very well as a safety guard and can be removed via a butterfly nut for trenching.
The fence is not as good as the one I have seen on some high spec Scheppach, with a magnefying glass to set the distance, but it works well all the same. You tighten the front to the desired measurement which also squares automatically the fence, and you then tighten a second hand lever to secure the far end of the fence. It won't move from there.
The real problem I find with this table is changing the blade. To access it you need to remove the sliding carriage. Not only this is time consuming but also the sliding carriage is very heavy! If someone knows a trick on this one I love to hear it.
Over all I really like it and work very well with it.

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