Final Year Project Proposal - Web Based Network Management System in Java

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1.Project Summary

For our final year project we have decided to implement a web based network management package. It will be developed in Java and run in a windows NT 4.0 environment. It will contain a number of key features including a virtual network map with a link with access to an employee database, a ServerCheck with notification facility and a web- based helpdesk system.


This project was inspired by real life company issues which have been observed whilst working on INTRA. We intend to develop a comprehensive package which will improve network up-time, allow quicker network analysis, allow quicker administration helpdesk functionality and be presented using an easy to use web-based user interface

1.1What will the project achieve

This project will be ideally suited for medium to large scale corporate networks and is aimed at improving problem analysis, allowing quicker and more efficient helpdesk functionality and maximising network uptime.

1.2Reasons for choosing this project

As stated, this project was inspired by our INTRA experiences and we have seen first hand, the concepts which we were introduced to in DCU being used in day to day development. We are both interested in persuing web based Java development after graduation and we believe that developing our skills in this area will make us more employable and more confident in persuing this field. We also feel that it will broaden our horizons as we will be covering a diverse range of applications and developing them into one package.

Project Details

Our project would typically be presented over a company’s intranet page and will allow access for both clients and administrators. Clients will be able to access a virtual map of the network where they can Search the employee Database, or Connect to network resources such as printers. They can also enter any requests which they may have via The Helpdesk feature of our project. We may also add features such as allowing users connect to a game server as this follows on from our third year project.

Administrators will have to supply a password to access the administration area. From here they can access the virtual employee database and Update the Database to allow for up to date analysis of the database.

They will also have Access to the administrator helpdesk area. From here all calls entered into the helpdesk database will be displayed. The administrator will be able to enter resolutions to calls completed and close those calls. All closed calls will be entered into a completed calls database which can be searched to improve diagnosis of new calls.

The next feature of the administrators page will be a healthcheck area. This page will be linked to, from the Servercheck system which will continually monitor the status of servers on the network. If a problem arises with a server it will be displayed on the healthcheck page and an email and possibly an SMS (for vital servers) will be sent to the administrators. This will allow for immedtiate action to be taken if any server goes down.

2.1Summary of Main Features

1. Employee Database–

Allow employees to just click and connect automatically to network printers. Also has the administration feature of efficiently allocating users to a print server whereby maximising the potential of server queues and minimalising problems if one print server goes down.

2. Printer Connection–

Allow employees to just click and connect automatically to network printers. Also has the administration feature of efficiently allocating users to a print server whereby maximising the potential of server queues and minimalising problems if one print server goes down.

3. Client Helpdesk Feature –

From here users on the network can enter problems/ requests via an online form.

4. Database Administration–

From here administrators can update the employee database quickly and efficiently.

5. Helpdesk Administration –

Administrators can view requests, enter resolutions and store completed calls in a database of previous calls. Search facility also provided.

6. ServerCheck system –

This system will run continually and will be responsible for monitoring servers on the network. If one fails it will immediately send details to the administrator via email, the healthcheck page or possibly sms text message.

7. Web Based Interface–

Our program will be presented entirely over the web. From here clients can access employee details, connect to hardware, enter helpdesk calls. Administrators can do all of the same and can access and close requested calls, update the employee database and administer the serverCheck system.

2.2 Contacts

We have contacted both Charlie Daly and Eugene Curran and have discussed the requirements of this project and what will be required when presenting them.

3.0 References

Requirements Document with diagrams (Required by Eugene Curran to determine whether this project would be possible)


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