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1. Introduction

Battleship is fun and easy to play Internet game. It is written in Java using AWT technology and runs on any platform that supports Java 1.2 or higher. The game can be found at game itself is played on two grids of 100 squares each. The aim of the game is to sink all of the computers fleet before it sinks yours. The game continues until one player wins or the game is quit. The users grid is located on the top and the computers grid is located on the bottom

2. Installation

Battleship does not require an installation. It is played over the Internet. It requires that JDK 1.2 or above is installed on the machine.

3. Playing the Game

Setting up a game

Before starting a game the player can move his ships to anywhere within the grid. Using the left mouse button will cause the ships to be place vertically, and using the right button will cause the ship to be placed horizontally.

Starting up a game

In order to start a game you have to click "GO" button located above the text window.

Playing a game

The human player takes the first shot. A shot can be taken by clicking on a square of the computers grid. It will be determined to be a "hit" or "miss". If you missed, a water splash will be displayed and the splashing sound played. If you hit, a explosion occurs and the hit will be displayed on the grid. After your shot has been taken, the computer player will follow you by firing a shot at your grid. When all ships are sunk by a player, that player is declared victorious.

Ending a game

The game ends if all ships on one of the grids are sunk. The winner will be indicated in the text area and you will hear the victory sounds. A game can also be ended before all ships are sunk. You can end an unfinished game by pressing the "QUIT" button.

Playing a New Game.

After completing a game you will have an option of playing another one.You can play another game by pressing the "RESET" button, this will cause the ships to be placed randomly within the grid but they can again be moved by the player. If you wish to reset an unfinished game you must first press the "Quit" button.

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Final Year Project

1. Proposal
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Third Year Project

1. Functional Spec.
2. Technical Manual
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4. Battleship Game

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