Tuesday December 2nd 2003

Brother Cleary!!  (Irish name I presume?)
Good to hear from you. Greetings from Ireland!
I have received many letters from people visiting the web site, but never from a brother in the Lord! It is a privilege to send you the (photocopied) letter from JM. 
As a devotee of good wine as well as good writing, I am fascinated by your story of contact with Ms. May. I am not surprised at her gracious acceptance of your gift. To me also she has been most responsive and when I had the pleasure of meeting her in Dublin, I found her to be a warm and appreciative person. She welcomed also, by replying to its submission, the poem, which I wrote which is on the web site.**
I was always interested in the "religious" aspect of May's writing, as well as all the other glimpses into an astounding intellect. I always say to people who ask what her books are about, that they can be read on so many levels and the "Christian" perspective is quite unique and extremely interesting. As a non-conformist (Baptist) I looked for aspects of the books which would lend credence to the belief that she had within them, provided a clue as to her religious beliefs. Actually I was in error, I believe, as I heard recently that she is in fact an atheist or at best (or worst!) an agnostic! As I say on the site, however, I do see a parallel, in her writing with my conception of the basis of faith which some Christians embrace as part, no the whole, of their "walk with God". This may have been unintentional of course, but is something which I have treasured as part of what I am because of what I think.
Enough already! (As our Jewish brethren would say)!
Thank you so much for your contact and "High thoughts to you"!