Window Regulator Removal. Rear. C Class W202. 1994

There may be variations with this car and later models. This car has had all four-window regulators replaced at different times between its 9th and 13th birthday.

The rear window regulator consists of a motor and lifting mechanism by means of a cable.

For a faulty window regulator, before taking the door apart, determine if the problem is fuse, switch or wiring related. Window regulator fuses for this particular car are located in fuse box behind battery in the boot, others may vary. 

In the case of this car the whole regulator had to be replaced, as the motor is not available separately from the lifting mechanism. 

Edit; Correction... The above statment is incorrect, both front and back motors can be detached from the lifting mechinasim.

Front and rear window regulators are completely different units, i.e. front won't fit the back. See picture E.

If the cable brakes it is possible to replace it. See herů

Below are a couple of experimental tools for the job. Screwdrivers tend to be too thick in the case of peg removal and lack leverage in the case of the switch removal and tend to "dig in" to the door card covering.  Alternative tools like tea spoons gives leverage while protecting the door card covering.. Inserting and twisting large spoons with thin handles are also useful for releasing the pegs.


There is a good description in the link at the top of this page on how to repair a broken cable.

Below is how to access the cable.

Ensure everything is reassembled correctly and that the cable and pulleys are free to move and any tabs that have been bent are put back into position again.

Grease all the moving/sliding parts, reel and cable before refitting to car.