Flying Balloons


Magnifying Glass.

This interesting experiment demonstrates how real images are created. Everyone has used a magnifying glass for making objects ppear bigger. I like to make an image of the candle appear in mid air. Hold a decent magnifying glass about 60 cm from a lighting candle in a darkened room. Now move a screen (white sheet of paper) slowly towards the magnifying glass from about 1.2 m away. An inverted image of the candle will appear on the screen. Note the size of the image. This experiment is related to photography and projection.

Up, up and away!

This is yet another experiment to demonstrate action and reaction, although it's hard to beat the water rocket for sheer effect. You need some fishing gut (6 pound line is good), a short straw and a long balloon. Tie the gut to a high point on the wall. Get some idle bystander to hold the other end, having first slipped the straw on. Blow the balloon up and tape the straw to it. Now leave the balloon end go. As the air rushes out, the balloon and straw should fly up the line.