Key No. 12

Resumé Preparation


The preparation, content and layout of your career record to-date is one of the important steps necessary in obtaining a job. Whether it is for your first job or if it is for a promotional position within your existing company, the following curriculum vitae guidelines should be considered so as to maximise your opportunity for success.



1. Prepare a one page handwritten introductory letter. Refer specifically to the position advertised and quote any applicable references shown.

2. Specify your suitability for the position in summary. Highlight your applicable qualifications and experience.

3. Display your knowledge of the job and your interest in doing this type of work.

4. Indicate your availability for interview.

5. Type your C.V. on one or two pages if possible using good quality paper and attach this to your cover letter. Your C.V. should be laid out as outlined below.


6. Provide a recent colour photograph if required.

Curriculum Vitae details

Heading: Curriculum Vitae and full name

Personal Details (as applicable):

1. Full Name
2. Current address
3. Phone numbers - home and work
4. Date of birth
5. Driving licence status (if applicable)


1. Professional qualifications and experience
2. Education details. Specify levels and grades attained per subject
3. Training details
4. Service details
5. Work experience details
6. Languages - oral/written level attained

Career Information:

1. Present employment - position held, dates, duties performed, experience gained
2. Past employment - positions held, dates and durations, duties performed, experience gained
3. Contract work performed - details and dates
4. Objectives of each job change as appropriate
5. Specify your qualifications and experiences that are especially suited to the job being advertised
6. Specify any other experiences obtained which would be an asset
7. Career Ambitions if appropriate

Achievements and Interests:

1. Applicable achievements - reports, publications, articles, papers etc.
2. Awards, distinctions
3. Hobbies, interests as appropriate. Solo activities display self-sufficiency and independence whereas team activities display team spirit and an ability to integrate with others.



1. References and referees
2. Sign and date


1. References.
2. Reports etc.
3. Results and certificates.
4. Drawings.


Bring samples of your work, if appropriate, to the interview. 

Job Application Forms

In some instances it may be necessary to obtain a job application form from the company concerned. This form should be completed with all the necessary details bearing in mind the guidelines given above.


N.B. Keep a copy of your job application form for future reference.


Key Points
1. Compile Your C.V. Using The Format Suggested
2. Keep Your C.V. up-to-date



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