Key No. 15




          "What I learned without self-interest, I pass on without reserve;

          I do not intend to hide her riches."

                                                                          Wisdom 7-13.




I have created this website to help you achieve the results you require from your studies, career or profession.

Each KEY has been carefully designed to reveal a wide range of techniques that will assist you as you move through the various stages of your education and career opportunities.

For students the KEYS will open the doors to knowledge and success.

For parents the KEYS will provide inspiration to assist in your children's education.

For teachers the KEYS will assist you in passing on the techniques of how to learn to your students.

For the career person the KEYS will enhance the wide range of skills you require in to-day's business world.

By applying the techniques detailed in these KEYS you will develop an efficient and effective approach to reading, improve your understanding, learning and remembering abilities, resolve the problems of writing and achieve success at examinations, interviews and in your career selection.

The KEYS TO KNOWLEDGE AND SUCCESS will allow you reorganise the time of your life and create a time for learning, a time for contributing and a time for living.

 Key Points

 1. Use The [ Sense Framing Reading Technique ]
 2. Read With A Purpose In Mind
 3. Reorganise Information To Suit Your Learning Ability
 4. Know How Your Mind Works
 5. Develop Recording And Note Taking Techniques
 6. Prepare For Examinations
 7. Improve Your Writing Skills Dramatically
 8. Create An Impact By Your Writing, Editing And Presentation
 9. Provoke Action Through Your Writing
10. Reorganise The Time Of Your Life
11. Make Your Work Place A More Productive Place
12. Prepare a C.V.

13. Understand The Recruitment Process
14. Respond To The Requirements Of Mankind Through Your Work And Life
15. Pass On What You Have Learned Without Reserve




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