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"GALEY, a parish, in the barony of IRAGHTICONNOR, county of KERRY, and province of MUNSTER; 8 miles (S. W. by S.) from Tarbert, on the river Gale; containing 2920 inhabitants. It comprises 12,381 staute acres, as applotted under the tithe act, a large portion of which is under pasture: along the river the land is of excellent quality. There are large tracts of bog in the parish, amounting to nearly two-fifths of its entire surface: about one-fifth only is under tillage. The state of agriculture is improving; a considerable portion of the bog is now being drained, and other improvements are in progress by P. Mahony,Esq., who has recently purchased the Gunsborough estate.
The parish is in the diocese of Ardfert and Aghadoe: the rectory is impropriate in A. Stoughton, Esq., and the vicarage forms part of the union of Aghavallin. The tithes, amounting to 203.1.6. are payable in equal portions to the impropriator and the vicar. In the R. C. divisions it is partly in the district of Lisseltin. About 220 children are educated in two private schools. "
[From A Topographical Dictionary of Ireland by Samuel Lewis (1837)]


Note: The Civil Parish of Galey ceased to be used for census purposes in the mid nineteenth century when District Electoral Divisions (DEDs) were introduced.

The Civil Parish of Galey was split between the DEDs of Ballyconry, Ballyegan, Ennismore, Gunsborough, Listowel Rural and Shroneowen.

Ballyconry DED: Ballydonohue townland
Ballyegan DED: Ballyegan, Dromalught, Kilteean townlands
Ennismore DED: Drommurrin townland
Gunsborough DED: Affoulee, Carhoonaknock East, Carhoonaknock West, Coolard, Coolbeha, Derra West, Garryard, Glouria, Inch East, Inch Moor, Inch West, Knockenagh North, Knockenagh South, Shrone Middle, Shrone West townlands
Listowel Rural DED: Bedford, Derra East, Shrone East townlands
Shronowen DED: Coolkeragh, Drombeg, Pollagh, Tullamore townlands
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Church History

The old church of Galey (Saint Bartholomew's) was in the townland of Garryard, in the old parish burial ground. Following the reformation this church passed to the Church of Ireland, but was quickly abandoned, and is now a well preserved ruin.
For Church of Ireland purposes Galey was united with Kilnaughten and Aghavallen by 1697. Kilnaughten was seperated from the Union in 1872. In 1878 Galey and Aghavallen were merged with Listowel.

In the Roman Catholic church, by 1704 Galey was united with Lisselton, Killehenny and Kilconly to form the parish (eventually named) Ballybunnion and Ballydonohue. In 1832 the portion south of the Galey River (the townlands of Pollagh, Bedford, Shrone East, Shrone Middle, Shrone West, Derra East, Derra West and Inch Moor) was transferred to the parish of Listowel. In 1960 the Ballydonohue was seperated from Ballybunnion to form an independant parish. The churches for the two parishes are located at Ballydonohue and Listowel.

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Church Records

The following Church of Ireland registers exist:
Baptisms 1785 - 1871 (Kilnaughtin)
Marriages 1785 - 1845 (Kilnaughtin)
Marriages 1845 - 1872 (Aghavallin)
Burials 1786 - 1873 (Kilnaughtin)
The registers are in local custody.

The following Roman Catholic registers remain:

Ballybunnion and Ballydonohue
Baptisms from Nov. 1, 1831 - Dec. 27, 1880
Marriages from Feb. 7, 1837 - Nov. 21, 1880

Baptisms Aug. 3, 1802 - July 10, 1855
Marriages Jan. 8, 1837 - Nov 21, 1880

The registers remain in the custody of the parish priest, although microfilm copies are at the National Archives of Ireland. Written permission from the Bishop of Kerry is required to view these records.
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Civil Registration

From 1863 Galey was in the Listowel Superintendant Registrar's District, and split between the Registrar's Districts of Ballylongford (Gunsborough, Shroneowen DEDs), Ballybunnion (Ballyegan and Ballyconry DEDs), Ballyhorgan (Ennismore DED) and Listowel (Listowel Rural DED). See the Registration Districts page.

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A Location Map of the Parish
A Map showing the Townlands of Galey
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