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"The town of Killarney is a small thriving place, being considerably improved, since the minority of its present owner, the Lord Viscount Kenmare, who has encouraged several inhabitants to settle in it, and has erected some houses for linen manufacturers about a mile from the town. There are already four great new roads finished to this town, one from the County of Cork, which leads to that city; a second from Castle Island, which proceeds towards Limerick; the third is that to the river of Kenmare; and a fourth is lately made to Castlemain, from which last place, new roads have been carried to tralee and Dingle. The neighbourhood of the mines affords employment for several people, and will consequently cause a considerable sum of money to be spent in it. A new street, with a large commodious inn are designed to be built here; for the curiosities of the neighbouring lake, have of late, drawn great numbers of curious travellers to visit it, and, no doubt, many more will go there to partake of the diversions of that place, when they can be assured of being commodiously and cheaply entertained."
[From The Ancient and Present State of The County of Kerry by Charles Smith (1756)]


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