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Killarney - Knockalibade

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Townland Civil Parish District Electoral District 1911 Registrar's District Superintendant Registrar's District
Killarney Killarney Killarney Urban Killarney No.2 Killarney
Killaspicktarvin Kiltomy Ballinclogher Ballyhorgan Listowel
Killeacle Kilmoyly Banna Ballyheige Listowel
Killeagh Kiltallagh Kiltallagh Castlemaine Tralee
Killeagh Molahiffe Molahiffe Molahiffe Killarney
Killeen Aghadoe Killarney Killarney No.1 Killarney
Killeen Kilcrohane Castlecove Sneem Kenmare
Killeen Killaha Brewsterfield Killarney No.2 Killarney
Killeen Tralee Tralee Rural Tralee No.2 Tralee
Killeenafinnane Kiltallagh Kiltallagh Castlemaine Tralee
Killeenagh Ballinvoher Lack Awenascale Dingle
Killeenleagh Dromod Derriana Emlagh Caherciveen
Killeens Currans Currans Molahiffe Killarney
Killeentierna Killeentierna Killeentierna Molahiffe Killarney
Killegane Castleisland Castleisland Castleisland Tralee
Killegy Lower Killarney Muckross Killarney No.1 Killarney
Killegy Upper Killarney Muckross Killarney No.1 Killarney
Killehenny Killehenny Killehenny Ballybunion Listowel
Killelan East Caher Castlequin Caher Caherciveen
Killelan West Caher Castlequin Caher Caherciveen
Killelane Dingle Glin Dingle Dingle
Killelton Aghavallen Astee Ballylongford Listowel
Killelton Kilgobban Knockglass Kilgobban Tralee
Killierisk (part of) Ratass Tralee Urban Tralee No.1 Tralee
Killierisk (part of) Ratass Tralee Urban No.1 Tralee No.1 Tralee
Killiney Killiney Castlegregory Castlegregory Dingle
Killmurry Kenmare Kenmare Kenmare Kenmare
Killoe Caher Caher Caher Caherciveen
Killognaveen North Killinane Bahaghs Caher Caherciveen
Killognaveen South Killinane Bahaghs Caher Caherciveen
Killogrone Caher Caher Caher Caherciveen
Killoluaig Killemlagh Teeranearagh Emlagh Caherciveen
Killomeerhoe Lisselton Urlee Ballybunion Listowel
Killonecaha Killemlagh St. Finians Emlagh Caherciveen
Killorane Ardfert Ardfert Ballyheige Listowel
Killoughane Knockane Churchtown Killorglin Killarney
Killowen Kenmare Kenmare Kenmare Kenmare
Killurly Prior Ballinskelligs Emlagh Caherciveen
Killurly Commons Killinane Castlequin Caher Caherciveen
Killurly East Killinane Castlequin Caher Caherciveen
Killurly West Killinane Castlequin Caher Caherciveen
Kilmackerrin East Dromod Canuig Emlagh Caherciveen
Kilmackerrin West Dromod Canuig Emlagh Caherciveen
Kilmakilloge Tuosist Ardea Tuosist Kenmare
Kilmalkedar Kilmalkedar Kilmalkedar Ventry Dingle
Kilmaniheen East Brosna Brosna Brosna No.1 Tralee
Kilmaniheen West Brosna Brosna Brosna No.1 Tralee
Kilmeany Knockanure Kilmeany Listowel Listowel
Kilmore Ballyduff Ballyduff (Dingle) Castlegregory Dingle
Kilmore Killury Ardagh Ballyduff Listowel
Kilmore O'Brennan O'Brennan Tralee No.1 Tralee
Kilmoyly North Kilmoyly Ballynorig Ballyheige Listowel
Kilmoyly South Kilmoyly Ballynorig Ballyheige Listowel
Kilmulhane Killehenny Killehenny Ballybunion Listowel
Kilmurrily Kilnaughtin Tarmon Tarbert Listowel
Kilmurry Ballincuslane Kilmurry Brosna No.2 Tralee
Kilmurry Ballyduff Ballyduff (Dingle) Castlegregory Dingle
Kilmurry Minard Minard Awenascale Dingle
Kilnabrack Lower Glanbehy Glanbehy Glanbehy Killarney
Kilnabrack Upper Glanbehy Glanbehy Glanbehy Killarney
Kilnaglearagh Garfinny Glin Dingle Dingle
Kilnanare Kilnanare Kilnanare Milltown Killarney
Kilnarovanagh Kilbonane Aglish Molahiffe Killarney
Kilpadder Kilgarvan Kilgarvan Kilgarvan Kenmare
Kilpaddoge Kilnaughtin Tarbert Tarbert Listowel
Kilpatrick Kenmare Cappagh Kilgarvan Kenmare
Kilquane Ballincuslane Cordal Brosna No.2 Tralee
Kilquane Ballymacelligott Arabela Tralee No.1 Tralee
Kilquane Kilcummin Doocarrig Coom Killarney
Kilquane Kilquane Kilquane Ventry Dingle
Kilsallagh Nohaval Ballyegan (Tralee) Castleisland Tralee
Kilsarkan East Dysert (S) Carker Brosna No.2 Tralee
Kilsarkan West Dysert (S) Carker Brosna No.2 Tralee
Kilshannig Killiney Castlegregory Castlegregory Dingle
Kilshenane Kilshenane Ballyhorgan Ballyhorgan Listowel
Kilteean Galey Ballyegan (Listowel) Ballybunion Listowel
Kilteenbane Kilgobban Kilgobban Kilgobban Tralee
Kiltomy Kiltomy Kiltomy Ballyduff Listowel
Kilvickadownig Ventry Ventry Ventry Dingle
Kimego East Caher Castlequin Caher Caherciveen
Kimego West Caher Castlequin Caher Caherciveen
Kinard East Kinard Kinard Dingle Dingle
Kinard East Prior Ballinskelligs Emlagh Caherciveen
Kinard West Kinard Kinard Dingle Dingle
Kinard West Prior Ballinskelligs Emlagh Caherciveen
Kineigh Dromod Emlagh Emlagh Caherciveen
Kingsland Duagh Kilmeany Listowel Listowel
Knockacappul Kilcummin Rathmore Coom Killarney
Knockachur Ballincuslane Kilmurry Brosna No.2 Tralee
Knockaclare Kilfeighny Kilfeighny Ballyhorgan Listowel
Knockaclogher Ardfert Clogherbrien Tralee No.2 Tralee
Knockaclogher Clogherbrien Clogherbrien Tralee No.2 Tralee
Knockacullig North Kilcummin Kilcummin Molahiffe Killarney
Knockacullig South Kilcummin Kilcummin Molahiffe Killarney
Knockacurrane Stradbally Stradbally Castlegregory Dingle
Knockaderreen Duagh Duagh Listowel Listowel
Knockaderry Molahiffe Molahiffe Molahiffe Killarney
Knockafreaghaun Brosna Gneeves Brosna No.1 Tralee
Knockagarrane Kilcolman Milltown Milltown Killarney
Knockagowna Kilbonane Lahard Killarney No.1 Killarney
Knockalibade Kilcummin Kilcummin Molahiffe Killarney

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