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Lack - Lisnagoneeny

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Townland Civil Parish District Electoral District 1911 Registrar's District Superintendant Registrar's District
Lack Ballinvoher Lack Awenascale Dingle
Lacka Templenoe Greenane Kenmare Kenmare
Lacka Beg O'Dorney Abbeydorney Ballyheige Listowel
Lacka East Duagh Kilmeany Listowel Listowel
Lacka East Lisselton Urlee Ballybunion Listowel
Lacka East Rattoo Ballyduff Ballyduff Listowel
Lacka More O'Dorney Abbeydorney Ballyheige Listowel
Lacka West Duagh Trienearagh Listowel Listowel
Lacka West Lisselton Urlee Ballybunion Listowel
Lacka West Rattoo Ballyduff Ballyduff Listowel
Lackabane Aghadoe Killarney Killarney No.1 Killarney
Lackabane Ballincuslane Mount Eagle Brosna No.1 Tralee
Lackabaun Castleisland Lackabawn Castleisland Tralee
Lackaboy Lisselton Urlee Ballybunion Listowel
Lackanoneen Ballincuslane Crinny Brosna No.2 Tralee
Lackaroe Kenmare Cappagh Kilgarvan Kenmare
Lackbrooder Ballincuslane Kilmurry Brosna No.1 Tralee
Lackeen Templenoe Dromore Kenmare Kenmare
Laghtacallow Kilgarrylander Kilgarrylander Castlemaine Tralee
Laharan Aglish Aglish Molahiffe Killarney
Laharan Killeentierna Killeentierna Molahiffe Killarney
Laharan Killorglin Killorglin Killorglin Killarney
Laharan Kiltallagh Kiltallagh Castlemaine Tralee
Laharan Ratass Doon Tralee No.2 Tralee
Laharan Valencia Valencia Valencia Caherciveen
Laharan North Caher Castlequin Caher Caherciveen
Laharan South Caher Caher Caher Caherciveen
Lahard Kilbonane Lahard Killarney No.1 Killarney
Lahardane Killehenny Killehenny Ballybunion Listowel
Laherfree Ventry Ventry Ventry Dingle
Lahesheragh North Lisselton Urlee Ballybunion Listowel
Lahesheragh South Lisselton Urlee Ballybunion Listowel
Lamb Island Aghadoe Killarney Killarney No.1 Killarney
Lamb Island Caher Castlequin Caher Caherciveen
Lamb's Island Kilcrohane Darrynane Derrynane Caherciveen
Larha Ardfert Ardfert Ballyheige Listowel
Larha Aghavallen Astee Ballylongford Listowel
Lassaboy Kilgarrylander Kilgarrylander Castlemaine Tralee
Lateeve Killemlagh Portmagee Valencia Caherciveen
Lateeve Beg Kilmalkedar Marhin Ventry Dingle
Lateeve More Kilmalkedar Marhin Ventry Dingle
Lateevemanagh Kilmalkedar Marhin Ventry Dingle
Lauhir Glanbehy Caragh Glanbehy Killarney
Lauragh Lower Tuosist Glanmore Tuosist Kenmare
Lauragh Upper Tuosist Glanmore Tuosist Kenmare
Leabaleaha Prior Ballinskelligs Emlagh Caherciveen
Leagh Rattoo Ballyduff Ballyduff Listowel
Leagh Marshes Rattoo Ballyduff Ballyduff Listowel
Leaha Ballincuslane Derreen Brosna No.2 Tralee
Leamirlea Kilmalkedar Kilmalkedar Ventry Dingle
Leamnaguila Kilcredane Kilcummin Molahiffe Killarney
Leampreaghane Kilfeighny Kilfeighny Ballyhorgan Listowel
Leamydoody Ballincuslane Kilmurry Brosna No.2 Tralee
Leamyglissane Kilcummin Coom Coom Killarney
Leamyglissane East Aghadoe Coom Coom Killarney
Leanamore Aghavallen Lislaughtin Ballylongford Listowel
Leansaghane Kilconly Gullane Ballybunion Listowel
Leath East Ratass Ratass Tralee No.1 Tralee
Leath West Ratass Ratass Tralee No.1 Tralee
Lecarhoo Kilnanare Kilnanare Milltown Killarney
Lehid Killemlagh St. Finians Emlagh Caherciveen
Lehid Tuosist Ardea Tuosist Kenmare
Leitrim East Murher Leitrim Tarbert Listowel
Leitrim Middle Murher Leitrim Tarbert Listowel
Leitrim West Murher Leitrim Tarbert Listowel
Lerrig North Kilmoyly Tubrid Ballyheige Listowel
Lerrig South Kilmoyly Tubrid Ballyheige Listowel
Letter Aghavallen Astee Ballylongford Listowel
Letter Caher Caher Caher Caherciveen
Letter Templenoe Greenane Kenmare Kenmare
Letter East Glanbehy Glanbehy Glanbehy Killarney
Letter Lower Kenmare Cappagh Kilgarvan Kenmare
Letter Upper Kenmare Cappagh Kilgarvan Kenmare
Letter West Glanbehy Glanbehy Glanbehy Killarney
Lettercannon Kilgarvan Glanlee Kilgarvan Kenmare
Letterdunane Kilcaskan Banawn Tuosist Kenmare
Letterfinish Kilcrohane Sneem Sneem Kenmare
Lettergarriv Knockane Cloon Glanbehy Killarney
Lettermoneel Kilcrohane Sneem Sneem Kenmare
Letternadarriv Kilcrohane Tahilla Sneem Kenmare
Lickeen Glanbehy Lickeen Glanbehy Killarney
Lisbabe Aghadoe Headfort Coom Killarney
Lisbane Killinane Castlequin Caher Caherciveen
Liscahane Ardfert Clogherbrien Tralee No.2 Tralee
Liscarney Ballyduff Ballyduff (Dingle) Castlegregory Dingle
Liscullane (part) Kilcaragh Lixnaw Ballyhorgan Listowel
Liscullane (part) Kiltomy Lixnaw Ballyhorgan Listowel
Lisdargan Cloghane Kinard Dingle Dingle
Lisduff Killury Killury Ballyduff Listowel
Lisheen Nohavaldaly Coom Coom Killarney
Lisheenbaun Dysert (S) Castleisland Castleisland Tralee
Lisheennacannina Molahiffe Molahiffe Molahiffe Killarney
Lisladraun Lisselton Urlee Ballybunion Listowel
Lislaughtin Aghavallen Lislaughtin Ballylongford Listowel
Lisleibane Knockane Curraghmore Killorglin Killarney
Lislonane Dromod Loughcurrane Derrynane Caherciveen
Lisloose Tralee Tralee Rural Tralee No.2 Tralee
Lismacfinnin Killorglin Killorglin Killorglin Killarney
Lismongane Aghadoe Lahard Killarney No.1 Killarney
Lismore Ratass Ratass Tralee No.1 Tralee
Lisnagoneeny Rattoo Dromartin Ballyduff Listowel

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