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Racomane East - Rossnahowgarry

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Townland Civil Parish District Electoral District 1911 Registrar's District Superintendant Registrar's District
Racomane East Aglish Aghadoe Killarney No.1 Killarney
Racomane West Aglish Aghadoe Killarney No.1 Killarney
Radrinagh Killarney Killarney Rural Killarney No.2 Killarney
Rahanane Kilcummin Kilcummin Molahiffe Killarney
Rahavanig Kilconly Gullane Ballybunion Listowel
Rahealy Rattoo Dromartin Ballyduff Listowel
Raheen Aghadoe Headfort Coom Killarney
Raheen Kilcrohane Ballybrack Derrynane Caherciveen
Raheen Kilcummin Doocarrig Coom Killarney
Raheen Ventry Ventry Ventry Dingle
Raheens Killinane Bahaghs Caher Caherciveen
Raheenyhooig Dingle Glin Dingle Dingle
Rahinnane Ventry Ventry Ventry Dingle
Rahinnane West Ventry Ventry Ventry Dingle
Rahoneen Ardfert Banna Ballyheige Tralee
Rahoonagh Killehenny Killehenny Ballybunion Listowel
Rahoonane Tralee Tralee Rural Tralee No.2 Tralee
Ralappane Kilnaughtin Tarbert Tarbert Listowel
Ranaleen Killeentierna Killeentierna Molahiffe Killarney
Ranalough Killeentierna Killeentierna Molahiffe Killarney
Rangue Killorglin Killorglin Killorglin Killarney
Rareagh Kilmoyly Tubrid Ballyheige Listowel
Ratass Ratass Tralee Urban Tralee No.1 Tralee
Rath Kilcaskan Banawn Tuosist Kenmare
Rath Kilcrohane Caherdaniel Derrynane Caherciveen
Rath Beg Kilnanare Kilnanare Milltown Killarney
Rath More Kilcummin Rathmore Coom Killarney
Rathanny Ballymacelligott Nohaval Castleisland Tralee
Rathbeg Kilcummin Rathmore Coom Killarney
Rathcrihane Ardfert Ardfert Ballyheige Listowel
Rathduff Ballinvoher Ballinvoher Awenascale Dingle
Rathea Kilshenane Rathea Ballyhorgan Listowel
Rathfield Kilcrohane Caherdaniel Derrynane Caherciveen
Rathkenny O'Dorney Tubrid Ballyheige Listowel
Rathkieran Killemlagh St. Finians Emlagh Caherciveen
Rathmalode Ballinvoher Inch Awenascale Dingle
Rathmore Kilnanare Kilnanare Milltown Killarney
Rathmore O'Brennan O'Brennan Tralee No.1 Tralee
Rathmorrel Killury Killury Ballyduff Listowel
Rathoran Duagh Kilmeany Listowel Listowel
Rathpoge East Kilcolman Milltown Milltown Killarney
Rathpoge West Kilcolman Milltown Milltown Killarney
Rathroe Lisselton Urlee Ballybunion Listowel
Rathscannel Killahan Killahan Ballyheige Listowel
Rattoo Rattoo Dromartin Ballyduff Listowel
Rea Duagh Kilmeany Listowel Listowel
Rea Kilflyn Abbeydorney Ballyheige Listowel
Reaboy Kilcummin Coom Coom Killarney
Reacashlagh Templenoe Dromore Kenmare Kenmare
Reacaslagh Ballincuslane Mount Eagle Brosna No.1 Tralee
Reacaslagh Killinane Killinane Caher Caherciveen
Readrinagh Kilcummin Rathmore Coom Killarney
Reanagowan Ballymacelligott Nohaval Castleisland Tralee
Reanasup Nohavaldaly Coom Coom Killarney
Reask Marhin Marhin Ventry Dingle
Reavaun Killeentierna Molahiffe Molahiffe Killarney
Redtrench North Kilgarvan Kilgarvan Kilgarvan Kenmare
Redtrench South Kilgarvan Glanlough Kilgarvan Kenmare
Reen Killarney Killarney Killarney No.1 Killarney
Reen Killorglin Killorglin Killorglin Killarney
Reen Templenoe Reen Kenmare Kenmare
Reenard Caher Caher Caher Caherciveen
Reenbeg Dingle Glin Dingle Dingle
Reenboy Cloghane Kinard Dingle Dingle
Reencaheragh Killemlagh Portmagee Valencia Caherciveen
Reenconnell Kilmalkedar Kilmalkedar Ventry Dingle
Reenearagh Kilcrohane Darrynane Derrynane Caherciveen
Reenkilla Tuosist Glanmore Tuosist Kenmare
Reennacoola Prior Ballinskelligs Emlagh Caherciveen
Reennafardarrig Island Killiney Castlegregory Castlegregory Dingle
Reennanallagane Glanbehy Glanbehy Glanbehy Killarney
Reenroe Prior Emlagh Emlagh Caherciveen
Reenturk Kilnaughtin Tarbert Tarbert Listowel
Rehill Caher Caher Caher Caherciveen
Releagh Kilcaskan Banawn Tuosist Kenmare
Rinneen Kilcrohane Darrynane Derrynane Caherciveen
Roads Killinane Castlequin Caher Caherciveen
Rockfield Ballymacelligott Nohaval Castleisland Tralee
Rockfield East Kilbonane Rockfield Molahiffe Killarney
Rockfield Middle Kilbonane Rockfield Molahiffe Killarney
Rockfield West Kilbonane Rockfield Molahiffe Killarney
Roscullen Island Kilgarrylander Kilgarrylander Castlemaine Tralee
Rosnacartan Beg Kilbonane Lahard Killarney No.1 Killarney
Rosnacartan More Kilbonane Lahard Killarney No.1 Killarney
Ross Kilgarrylander Kilgarrylander Castlemaine Tralee
Rossacoosane Templenoe Greenane Kenmare Kenmare
Rossacroo Aghadoe Headfort Coom Killarney
Rossacroobeg Killaha Brewsterfield Killarney No.2 Killarney
Rossacroonaloo Killaha Flesk Killarney No.2 Killarney
Rossalia Killaha Flesk Killarney No.2 Killarney
Rossanean (part) Killeentierna Molahiffe Molahiffe Killarney
Rossanean (part) Molahiffe Molahiffe Molahiffe Killarney
Rossard Tuosist Dawros Tuosist Kenmare
Rossbehy Glanbehy Glanbehy Glanbehy Killarney
Rossboy Kenmare Cappagh Kilgarvan Kenmare
Rossdohan Kilcrohane Tahilla Sneem Kenmare
Rossdohan Island Kilcrohane Tahilla Sneem Kenmare
Rosseightragh Kilgarvan Glanlee Kilgarvan Kenmare
Rossmore Molahiffe Molahiffe Molahiffe Killarney
Rossmore Island Kilcrohane Tahilla Sneem Kenmare
Rossnahowgarry Killarney Muckross Killarney No.1 Killarney

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