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Comment on proposed INCINERATOR in Cork Harbour

Sunday Business Post

Waste firm abandons plan to build incinerators: 31/03/2007

Waste firm abandons plan to build incinerators: 31/03/2007

Letters to Irish Examiner

Double Exposure 03/04/04

Micheál Martin’s next challenge 15/04/04

Burning waste will not make it go away 14/04/04

Cullen’s scare tactics won’t solve problem 16/04/04

Indaver followed WHO guidelines in its planning 23/04/04

Inter-departmental co-operation 23/04/04

Incineration bad for our image and exports 29/04/04

Incinerator location doesn’t fit guidelines 01/05/04

Guidelines made to fit the site 05/05/04

Birds rank higher than humans 15/06/04


Opponents of waste incinerators to mount Dail protest today 27/10/04

Solicitor attacks latest delay in incinerator challenge 27/10/04


EPA proposes to grant waste licences
1 News: Paul Cunningham, Environment Correspondent, reports on the proposals of the EPA

(05 Apr 2004) Incinerators crucial, warns Cullen
(10 Mar 2004) Anti-incinerator group going to High Court
(22 Sep 2003) Ringaskiddy incinerator hearing begins

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