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I have second-hand Sets from time to time or even other acoustic instruments that I accept as trade-ins. I keep a separate waiting list for used Sets so they may not appear on this page. E-mail me if you want an option on such a Set. 


1.    Sorry. I've fallen well behind my normal schedule - so nothing on offer this time. It's worth sending an e-mail  about any specific stuff you want, otherwise check back after Christmas. There is a good chance of C# and B chanters then, and perhaps a set of drones.

  2.  Here are some photos of paintings by my friend Fleming Christofforsen, Bray, Co. Wicklow. Please do not download, reproduce in any form, print, or display, without written permission of the artist. This series all relate to fly fishing (to which I introduced Fleming more than 25 years ago). Fleming plays concertina and 5 string banjo and has painted many fine portraits of traditional musicians. I'll be happy to pass on any enquiries.

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