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Teach an Phiobaire Guest House (The Piper's House) You are sure of a welcome here in my home in Tralee. There is plenty of music to hear and play, interesting places to go and see, great golf, fishing, walking, and all in beautiful surroundings.

Na Piobairi Uilleann (The Uilleann/Elbow Pipers) was founded in 1968 at a time when piping was at a seriously low ebb. Pipers who gathered at Bettystown (35 miles north of Dublin) estimated that there were probably only 150 Pipers world wide, of whom maybe 75 were regular players. Now there are over 1,000 members, some living in the most unlikely and distant Countries. NPU should be your first port-of-call for information, recordings, books, and tutors.  

Irish Traditional Music Magazine - a monthly Magazine of interest to all Trad Music players and fans. Good lead articles and lots of tour dates and schedules for leading Groups and Players.

British Columbia Uilleann Piper's Society - I thought Uilleann Pipers in Western Canada would be few and far between. Surprise, surprise, this go-ahead society have about 40 members listed. Give them a look - they deserve every support.

Irish Pipe Band Association - Anybody interested in Piping in Ireland should have a look at this site. There is lots of information on Pipe Bands and related activities. More nice people !

Kevin Rowsome - son of my friend, the late Leon Rowsome, and grandson of the legendary Leo Rowsome, Kevin is a wonderful piper and I strongly recommend his CD 'The Rowsome Tradition'. Visit his site to see examples of Pipes made by five generations of Kevin's family.

Patrick D'Arcy - A fine Piper living in the U.S.A. Patrick is currently like a dog with two tails. He now has a super Woof Set in 'B' with nickel silver and Mamooth Ivory. I watched Geoff make some parts of this Set and it is a lovely piece of work. Patrick's Site is the best Uilleann Pipe Site.

Paddy Keenan - The one and only. A glorious Concert Pitch player who has spawned a legion of imitators. Have a listen to any of his recordings (solo, with Paddy Glackin, or with The Bothy Band), or catch him live in Concert.

Ronan Browne - A fine professional player, always full of fun, Ronan has made some very good recordings. He has recently been involved in soundtracks for major films and plays with the group Cran

Martin Nolan - Another fine professional player on both Concert Pitch and Flat Pitch Pipes, Martin has established a big reputation as a teacher as well as player. Martin has just set up his site and he has 'music' online already - check it out.

Dicky Deegan - Australian Piper, Reed-maker, Appraiser of Second-hand Sets, and I'm afraid to repeat the other points his friends made. Seems to have a collection of hats !  I was told to look out for a weird Aussie with 'one of those hats with corks' but I passed by Dicky several times without realising because he had a cloth cap on backwards !  Completly unweird for Miltown.


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