20th April, 2000

A few weeks ago, we in the ‘Douglas Weekly, came up with an idea which we thought would be good because it would involve our young people in St. Columba’s girls and boys school. We rang school principal Michelle Cashman and asked her if her students would write a composition on “Why I like living in Douglas”. Michelle liked the idea and today we continue to publish another four entries. At the end of the competition we will get a judge to pick three winners, who will receive a prize from Douglas Books. I hope you enjoy reading them as much as we did ...

What I Like About Douglas By: Claire Murphy

I have lived in Douglas all my life and I think it's a great place to grow up in. there is a lot of greenery but unfortunately lots of new houses are being built and this means less greenery.
Douglas may be a village but it has facilities for the young and old. The children are very lucky, as there are lots of things for them to do. There is a cinema, a library and lots of shops. Parents are very lucky as well because they are two main supermarkets and it takes 2-4 minutes to drive there. For the elderly there is a new park that went up about a year ago and it is a lovely place for a walk.
We also have two very nice and local hotels called the Maryborough House Hotel and Rochestown Park Hotel. Rochestown Park has a very nice swimming pool and leisure centre too. Douglas is very into sports too, there is the G.A.A. hall, G.A.A. pitch, tennis clubs, golf clubs and swimming pools.
St Columba's Girls National School is the main Douglas school. It is a very spacious school and the building is lovely. The school also has a school for the Deaf. We are very lucky as we have a lovely colourful bog garden and over 650 children to take of it.

What I Like About Douglas By: Katie Cronin

Douglas is a very good place to live. It would also be a good place to visit because it has good places to visit. Although Douglas is a village it still has lots of amenities and facilities for everyone. Whether you are young or old you will always find something interesting to do.
Douglas has some beautiful restaurants like Bully's, McDonalds or even Paddy Garibaldi's. All these restaurants serve delicious food. There is also an excellent cinema to go to if it is raining, or you could just go to some of the lovely clothes shops we have. For visitors there are some beautiful hotels to stay in and the St Columba's church has just been redecorated and it's looking gorgeous.
Douglas has a lot of sports facilities like the newly built G.A.A Hall, which is excellent for camoige and Gaelic and there's a brilliant leisure centre, tennis club and even a swimming pool. We also have two very big pitches where our school, St Columba's is lucky to avail of.
Our school St Columba's is very nice especially when you drive in from all the heavy traffic to nice peace, green grass and lovely coloured flowers. In summer there will be at least 3,000 flowers in bloom as we planted them to celebrate the millennium. We also have a wild bog garden with a pond. The school itself is very clean and all the teachers and pupils love it. If someone asked me where I am from I could take pleasure in saying I'm from Douglas because it is such a great place to live.

What I Like About Douglas

I like Douglas because of the clean environment and the friendly people in my neighbourhood. I go to St Columba's National School with facility for the Deaf. I have gone there for seven years and I think it is a really enjoyable school.
There are lots of sports like football, camogie, basketball, swimming, P.E games and dancing. There are also sports activities after school like gymnastics, Irish dancing, tennis, karate, music (of all kinds) art, speech and drama and French lessons.
Douglas village is a town in it self. As you know there are plenty of stores in Douglas such as Dunnes Stores, Tesco's, lots of chip shops, hairdressers, grocery shops, Douglas cinema and McDonalds. I have lived in Douglas for five years and the thing I like most about it is all the shops and the interesting people. I have told you all about Douglas and I hope you like it. So if you are looking for a place to live pick DOUGLAS!!

What I Like About Douglas By: Paula Lane

I am twelve years of age and I love Douglas. I have lived here all my life. My cousin lives in Ballyphehane and when I go there it is packed and there is rubbish everywhere. But in Douglas it is peaceful and there is so much to do.
It has lots of amenities and facilities for everyone. For instance, for adults there are bars, chippers, shops, restaurants and plenty more. For Children there is the cinema, shops, and McDonalds.
But one of my favourite thins about Douglas is the G.A.A. We recently got a new hall and it is fabulous. I'm on the camogie team and I love it and in the summer there is a camp on and I go every year. We go somewhere good at the end of summer camp. I look forward to it year in year out.
I attend St Columba's Girls National School. I love my school because there is so much space. We planted 3,000 bulbs for the millennium so the grounds are going to look even better. The good thing about the school is we have the G.A.A. pitch next to us. Our camogie team were actually in the Cork Finals which was a great honour, so we have a good name for sports to top it all. All the teachers are lovely too.
My Mum loves living in Douglas because town is only minutes away. Douglas is a really friendly place not like places with rubbish and glass all over the place and gangs hanging around. I am proud of Douglas and if people offered me a hundred pounds to move I would not.