4th May, 2000

We are coming to the end of the entries for "What I Like About Douglas" from St, Columba's Girls School. Next week it is the boy's turn. The competition continues, our sympathy goes to the judges.

What I Like About Douglas By: Carolann O'Brien

What I like about Douglas is that the neighbourhood is clean and all my neighbours are friendly. For Nana's and Grandad's that have no way to make a meal there is Meals on Wheels.
I have one of the best schools in Douglas, St Columba's N.S. with facility for Deaf Children. In the school we will have P.E with the Deaf. I have been on the football team and got to the final but lost. Our school was very supportive.
In Douglas we have the G.A.A sport which means football for boys and camogie for the girls. The G.A.A. also has a disco for girls and boys. In Douglas we have two shopping centres, Tesco and Dunnes Stores, so when my friend and I go shopping we don't have to go to town. In Douglas we have a cinema as well.
I am very happy to be an inhabitant of Douglas for twelve years and if only for Douglas Weekly where would I be?

What I Like About Douglas By: Maria Barrett

Douglas is a wonderful place. I have lived here all my life and I love it. The people are very friendly, which is very important and it is a wonderful place to visit.
Even though Douglas is a village it still has lots of facilities. There is something for everyone, young or old. St Columba's church has recently been done up and it looks gorgeous. There are loads of shops around, which is really handy.
The G.A.A. hall is used a lot for all different sports. There are loads of leisure centres for playing tennis, golf and for going swimming. Also there is the Douglas Park, that has been done up recently too. Our school is one of the nicest schools around. It is located in a very green and peaceful area. We have our own bog garden and in the summer it is full of bright beautiful colours and flowers. A few weeks ago we planted 3,000 daffodils to celebrate the millennium. Our school building is very bright and welcoming.
Douglas as a suburb is growing all the time. We are very close to the city, it only takes us about eight minutes to get in, which is handy but it is also very easy to get out of the city as we are close to the tunnel and the link roads.
I am very proud of Douglas and want to live here for the rest of my life. My favourite thing about Douglas is my school. Douglas is the best place to live in or visit.

What I Like About Douglas By: Chelly O'Donovan

I have lived in Douglas all my life, which is eleven years. I live by Shamrock Lawn. It is a very friendly environment. I play camogie with the Douglas G.A.A. we won a very important final, the Sean Dun Final in the under 11's.
The main Douglas school is St Columba's G.N.S. there is also St Columba's B.N.S. up to this year, there was a school on it's own for the hearing impaired. This year it has joined up with St Columba's G.N.S. Now we are both one and we are called just N.S. for National School.
We have various activities for example, we have Gaelic football, camogie and basketball. We also have music, art, speech and drama and karate.
Douglas is very muck like a small town but less busy. We are very lucky to have a cinema, McDonalds, Dunnes, Tesco and in Dunnes a lot of new clothes shops. To put things aside, it is very good to the elderly, we have Meals on Wheels and people in their neighbourhood are very good to them. It also has plenty of activities for the young people of Douglas. We have disco dancing, the G.A.A. and school activities. For all ages there is the tennis club in Douglas Hall Lawn. A very friendly place is the Community Park, it has a playground and is great fun.
My favourite place in Douglas would have to be the G.A.A. club and the tennis club in Douglas Hall Lawn. I used to train for tennis in the Community school. I had a tournament there, which was great fun. There are two churches in Douglas, one is St Columba's which is my parish church, the other is the Grange/Frankfield church. St Columba's has just been renovated. It is beautiful. I love this community. I wouldn't move for the world.

What I Like About Douglas By: Lisa Walsh

I come from Cork but have always lived in Douglas. I think Douglas is a brilliant place it is cool for all ages from babies to grown ups.
Douglas is a village but it still has lots of amenities and facilities for everyone. It has the Community Park and also the library. The library has wonderful, fun filled books, so you don't have to go far for a book.
If there's a special occasion and you don't have any mind for slaving over a hot stove you yet again don't have to drive all the way into town, just turn the key and whip down to some stylish, fancy, elegant restaurant. On Sundays you have a variety of church, there is St Columba's, St Patricks Church and also Frankfield Church. If you want to relax for a weekend you can go to some of our hotels such as the Maryborough House Hotel and Rochestown Park Hotel. We have a wide selection of clothes shops, video shops and grocery shops and we also have Douglas hair studios and Peter Mark. If there's a day and it's raining cats and dogs you can just pop down to the cinema, where there is a wide selection of films to see.
My school St Columba's is beautiful, we have lovely greenery around us. We are also surrounded by trees. From my classroom in the summer the flowers bloom nicely in the bog garden. We also planted 3,000 daffodils to celebrate the millennium.
Douglas school is on our doorstep of the two G.A.A pitches where we play camogie and hurling. In Douglas there is Douglas Golf Club, the Community School Hall and Douglas Tennis Club. There is also swimming and leisure facilities, so you are guaranteed to keep fit after Christmas.
I'm proud to come from Douglas and I'm sure you are too. It is a brilliant place to live in and also a lovely place to play in.

What I Like About Douglas By: Fiona O'Brien

Douglas is a very tidy village. Everybody is nice to everybody. Douglas is like a town itself really!
There are Meals on Wheels, a cinema, beauty shops and many clothes shops.
I have been attending St Columba's N.S. for eight years now and unlike most schools they offer basketball, tennis, hurling, swimming and many many more. If you are not into sports (which many are not) they offer creative dance, speech and drama, singing etc. We also have a new improved bog garden and computer room.
I have to congratulate the football team, who got to the finals a couple of month's back. They worked very hard to get as far as they did. CONGRATULATIONS!!!
We get a lot of news in Douglas and I want to thank Douglas Weekly for handing us that news for FREE. We love you all and hope you will carry on your weekly paper. You put the weekly news in the weekly paper.