18th May, 2000

This week we continue with the entries for “What I Like About Douglas” from St. Columba’s Boys School. We hope you enjoy reading them as much as we do. The boys have a tough task ahead of them.

What I Like about Douglas: By Ryan Duggan
Douglas is a good place to live because it's small but advanced. Most of my friends live in Douglas. I live in Grange Erin. It is a good park. There is a green to play Soccer or Gaelic and there are places to blade or to play street games. There is a shop called Grangehill Stores just outside. It is good to have a shop there. It is a small, quiet park.
In Douglas there are plenty of good things to do. There is a cinema with all the latest films, a playground a good place in the summer, Video shops with videos or playstation games to rent, McDonald's a restaurant, Tesco and Dunnes Stores shopping centres with loads of good little shops and stores with good things to buy. There is also
loads more Things in the village.
My School is also in Douglas. It is a big school. In ways you like school because you see all your friends. I am now in 6th Class with Mr. Moynhan. I have had plenty of good teachers. I like P.F and my favourite subject is probably English. I like going to the Masses and Matches with my class. We have a good Gaelic, Tennis and Swimming class but I just wish there was Soccer. Our new priest is called Fr.Fitzgearld and he is funny sometimes and our teacher is also funny sometimes! We are going to make our conformation this year. We also will be getting our entrance exam, which is going to be hard. I can't wait till we go to Paris. It is going to be so much fun. What I really like about school is just having a laugh and being with my friends.
Sometimes I go down to the shopping centre. In there the shops I like are Porters, Black Track, Sports shops and a few more. Also in the Summer I would go to the playground and when it's wet or boring sometimes I would go to the cinema. The last film I saw was James Bond. it was good! Every Thursday and Sunday I go swimming in Sunday's Well swimming pool. There is even a magazine Called Douglas Weekly that tells you the latest news. Well Douglas is a very good place to live.

What I like about Douglas: By Gary O'Reilly
There are shops, fields, video stores, cinema, shopping stores and a library.
There are about four video stores like Chartbusters, X-travision, M & M's. There are two shopping centres, Tesco and Douglas Court; McDonalds is right next to the cinema, which has five screens in it. Screen one is the biggest screen. They are very strict also. We have lots of shops in Douglas. The biggest is Daily's.
The G.A.A. is next to Mario's and it has got two fields and one big hall. That's where I do my training. There are lots of restaurants as well and take Awa's, Marios, Dinos places like that.
There is a bike shop in Douglas. There is an off licence. Next to the cinema there is a Stat-Oil garage and a shop too. My school is in Douglas.
In Douglas we have a lot of houses, well! probably thousands. We have many parks too. There is a Church very near the school and they got it done up just a while ago. The roads are getting better. Douglas has a highway that comes out of Douglas and all the way into the City.
We have tennis clubs in Douglas. I'm joined Douglas tennis club. The Credit Union is in Douglas. We have lots of banks also. There is a car shop in Douglas. Its called Douglas Car Sales. A Garda station is in Douglas and it is trying to keep Douglas under control. I like Douglas and it is big enough.

What I Like About Douglas: By Dayne O'Leary
In Douglas there is a cinema and lots of shops. The most famous shop is Dailys. Dailys is across the road from our school. We have two big shopping centres in the village. There are a lot of shops around Douglas. That's what I like about Douglas.
In Douglas we have a number of chippers and two pizza places. We have Four Star pizza, Dinos and Marios. Marios is by Douglas G.A.A. Dinos is by the Mills.
In Douglas there is a Credit Union and a number of Banks. All the people in the Credit Union are nice people to deal with. It is a nice place to keep your money. In Douglas Court there are there are two
banks. I like the Credit Union and banks because they're in Douglas.
In Douglas there is a good lot of facilities. In both Shopping Centres there are a lot of facilities for people in wheelchairs. In Douglas there is a playground. In the centres there are baby crèche. There is a lot more of facilities.
Last year in Douglas village there was litter all over the place. It looked very bad. There was litter on the footpaths and roads. In the year of 2000 the village looked clean. I think that's good, that there's no rubbish.
In Douglas the roads had lots of potholes and that wasn't good. But now the roads are grand. Marybourgh Hill, that has a perfect road all the way down. It's tarmac all the way down.
That's what I like about Douglas.

What I like about Douglas: By Dick Coppinger

Douglas is a small town in southern Cork. It is a five-minute drive to Cork City. It is quiet. I like Douglas because of its pride. The school has had great success in G.A.A. I like Douglas because of its shops. It isn't always a loud town.
There are numerous amounts of Parks. There is a big play area in them too. I like the sport shop such as Cummins, Lifestyle & many more. I like the video stores such as X-travision, Hollywood & Chartbusters. Douglas has everything; hairdressing, places to be, and two B&B's.
I like Advantage Computers. It gives me the software and computers I like. The Library is good too. It has a wide variety of books and you are able to use the Internet.
The school went for it's 6th final win in a row in the Sciath Na Scol but did not succeed. I like G.A.A. in Douglas.
The shopping centres are Tesco and Dunnes Stores and they both have brilliant shops. I liked the extension they made in Dunnes Stores. They have great coffee shops such as Bewleys and more.
I like that they improved the roads in Douglas. I have a lot of friends in Douglas Primary. I like Douglas Primary. I have a lot
of friends in my park. I like my park. It is called Park Gate.
Douglas likes hurling and football a lot. I like Daily's, Maddens and the Grangehill Stores and a lot of other grocery shops.
There are sites to see such as Vernon Mount. Vernon Mount is right below Park Gate where I live. Douglas is inhabited very densely. I don't like rush hour in the morning because it is so packed. I am happy I moved to Douglas.