1st June, 2000

This week we continue with the entries for “What I Like About Douglas” from St. Columba’s Boys School. We hope you enjoy reading them as much as we do. The boys have a tough task ahead of them.

What I like About Douglas by John Moloney (4th Class)
I have been living in Douglas for nine years and I would hate to live anywhere else.
I like Douglas because it is a great place to live. Every year all of the Douglas boys that play Gaelic Football and Hurling go marching around Douglas for about an hour.
We have two Shopping Centres called Douglas Court and Douglas village Shopping Centre. We also have some lovely restaurants and shops.
We have a lovely school for boys and girls called St. Columba's. We also have a very good Bus service to the city Centre. So these are some of the things that I like about Douglas.

What I Like About Douglas by Enda Craig (4th Class)
Douglas is a lovely place to live because people here are mannerly and kind. We also have a great school called St, Columba's National School, which has a lot of facilities and kind teachers and a great principle. We also have a Cinema with five screens.
We have two Shopping Centres and we have Chartbuster's and a Chinese Take -Away. Douglas is more interesting than other places. It has a playground and a church with very kind priests. There is a great coach for St. Columba's called Eddie.
Douglas is covered in woods and all types of plants and animals live in these lovely woods. We also have a lovely river with lots of bridges.
Douglas is the most expensive place to live in Cork. Lots of people who my parents know are trying to buy a house here in Douglas. I feel so fortunate that I have a home in Douglas.

What I Like About Douglas by Hugh Parnell (4th Class)
I was born in Douglas and have lived there for ten years. I go to St. Columba's B.N.S. The school has many activities such as G.A.A, games, Tennis, Soccer, Art and Music. I like my school and that is one reason why I like living in Douglas.
Douglas has many facilities. There are many Clubs, there's the Soccer Club, the Rugby Club, the Tennis Club and the G.A.A, Club. I am member of the G.A.A. Club and have played in the Street Leagues on Saturdays and won a medal. I also go training with Eddie on Monday after school.
There are other facilities in Douglas, which I like very much. There's a playground in the Community Centre where I had fun when I was younger. There is a swimming pool where I learned to swim and I hope that it won't be closed down.
I like going to the Cinema and the Shops. Douglas is a great place to grow up in. That's what I like about Douglas.

What I Like About Douglas by Jason Conroy (4th Class)
The things I like about Douglas. I was introduced to Douglas on the 20/3/90. My mother took me home to eleven Lissadell, Maryborough Hill Douglas. That's where my life began. When I was four and a half tears old I started in St. Columba's School for boys. I am now in Fourth Class and living in another part of Douglas.
My school has a lot to offer, such as Hurling, Gaelic and Soccer. Since the arrival of our new Principal he has done a lot for the school, and bought computers for the classrooms. He put tarmac in the yard so the boy's have a bigger play area at lunch break. He designed a new tracksuit for the school, as they never had one in the years since they opened. His name is Donal O Murchu our Principal.
Douglas has it's own Credit Union which the boys from Douglas School are joined.
Douglas has a lot of schools and crèches. We have one amenity park, however it's scarcely big enough for the hundreds of children that live in Douglas and the surrounding areas.
Douglas was a little village many years ago, and is now part of the city. I hope to spend many more years growing up in Douglas and see more changes for the better.