8thJune, 2000

This week we continue with the entries for “What I Like About Douglas” from St. Columba’s Boys School. We hope you enjoy reading them as much as we do. The boys have a tough task ahead of them.

What I like About Douglas by Darragh Buckley
Hi, my name is Darragh Buckley. I live in Donnybrook, Douglas. I go to St. Columba's School. I will attempt to outline the things that I like about Douglas. I like the Community Park; I go there with my friends. During the summer my friends and I go to the Cinema and McDonalds, however I prefer KC's the chipper. I like the two shopping centres, Dunnes Stores and Tesco.
I like the Library, I go there every week, and I like it because it has a great selection of books.
On Saturday you can go to College Corinthians, I have been going there for two years. And in my school there are wonderful teachers and a wonderful principal.

What I like About Douglas by Fintan Malone (4th Class)
I was three years old when I moved to Douglas and I have no regrets at all. I used to live in Tralee and I loved it, I thought it was the best place ever until I moved to Douglas.
Douglas has absolutely everything, the swimming pool to the hairdressers. The swimming pool might be closed down but we are fighting against it. Douglas has loads of hairdressers as well. Douglas has its schools as well like St Columba's and Mr Murphy is the Principal, and Mr Murphy does a good job too. There is St. Lukes, there is the Gael Scoil and there is Douglas Community School as well. Douglas has its shopping centres like Douglas Court and Douglas Village Shopping Centre. Douglas has a wide selection of fast foods and restaurants. Douglas has loads of entertainment places like the Park, the Cinema, the GAA pitch and loads more. Douglas has its churches as well, like St. Columba's and St. Patrick's. Douglas has great teams and we have been successful throughout the year. I love Douglas.

What I Like About Douglas by Gavin Murray (4thClass)
My view of Douglas is that it is a wonderful place.
I would like to start with my school. The teachers are kind and nice and so is my principal Mr. Murchu. We also have a sports trainer called Mr. E. Murphy; he trains us in both football and hurling. I like football and hurling because it is healthy for your body.
Douglas is a large parish but it has a lovely village with large shops and small ones. It also has restaurants, public houses and a Cinema. My favourite places are the parks where you can play all kinds of sports. In the main park it has an adventure zone. Douglas has two churches one is called St. Patrick's that is located in Rochestown and our main church is called St. Columba's and my school is also called St. Columba's
Douglas is a great place you should come and visit it sometime.

What I Like About Douglas by Cian O'Dwyer (4th Class)
Douglas with its many amenities is a very nice place to live. It is a clean place with nice roads. This is one of the reasons that I like Douglas.
If it is a rainy day, I just have to ask can I go to the lovely Cinema Complex that Douglas offers. That is another reason why I like Douglas. If you have just moved from Dublin and are looking for a school for your children to go to, well try St, Columba's Boys and Girls National School. This is another reason why I like Douglas because of its great schools. Here is another reason why I like Douglas. If you just want to relax, Douglas has nice clean parks where I can stroll or just sit and enjoy the sunshine. There are other reasons why I like Douglas, like I can swim in Douglas's nice clean swimming pool. .