22ndJune, 2000

This week we continue with the entries for “What I Like About Douglas” from St. Columba’s Boys School. We hope you enjoy reading them as much as we do. The boys have a tough task ahead of them.

WHAT I LIKE ABOUT DOUGLAS by Kieran Woods (4th Class)

In Douglas we have lots of places to go like the cinema and playground. We have two shopping centres, Douglas Court and Douglas shopping centre. Both of them have many shops.
Douglas is also known for its sport.The Gaelic Football team won a county final. There is also an under age section in the GAA club.
My whole family lives in Douglas. Five generations of my family have lived here. My great grand mother had a shop in Douglas village. My grandfather delivered messages on his bike when he was young. I also have many friends here.
There are lots of nice places to eat like Bully's, Eco, MacDonalds,Dinos ,Kcs, and Bamboo house. My favourites are Bully's and MacDonalds. Douglas also has two lovely hotels.
In school we play a lot of sport. For P.E we play Gaelic Football and hurling with Eddie Murphy. We are lucky because even if it rains we can still play indoors in the GAA club hall.
I play soccer with Collage Corinthians. I play in goal. We have regular matches. We just finished our Street Leagues. I played with Santos.

What I like about Douglas by Odhran Mulrooney (4th Class)

Douglas is a village situated about four miles from Cork city. There are three things I really like about this place. The Douglas G.A.A. club is one of my favourite places. I play a lot of football and hurling their Eddie and all the coaches are very good. I go to school in St. Columba's It is a very good school .We have a hall for P.E, a computer room, and lots of other activities. The principal Mr.Murphy and all the teachers are very nice.
Douglas has two good quality shopping centres, they are called Tesco and Douglas Court. There are also some lovely restaurants. I like to eat in Bullys because they have lovely pizzas.
There are more and more people living in Douglas and they are very friendly. That's why I like Douglas so much.

What I Like about Douglas by Kieran Rigby (4th Class)

Douglas is a lovely place. I have lived in Douglas about 6 years, and I have loads of friends here. Douglas has loads of stuff to do. There is a great cinema with five or six screens. They always get the newest films and have great popcorn. Douglas has a big swimming pool, where Mrs. Campion teaches us to swim. I enjoy swimming in Douglas Pool but I think it could be a bit cleaner, but still, I hope it doesn't close.
We have a great Credit Union, in the back village. It is very handy cause it teaches you to save your money. Maybe one day, I'll get a loan from them.
Douglas G.A.A. is a wonderful club. It is run by Eddie Murphy who works very hard to help the boys on Saturdays and during the week.
I like that there is two shopping centres in Douglas, Douglas Shopping Centre and Douglas Court. I always buy my music, comics, toys, sweets and computer games there. There is a great choice of things to buy.
I live in Grange Erin. It's a great park with loads of things to do. I can go skateboarding and roller-blading on the hills, or swinging on the swing if that grumpy old man doesn't cut it down. Douglas is a very clean and nice place.

What I like about Douglas by James Donnelly (4th Class)

Find a country… FOCUS
This country is surrounded by water. It is part of the EU. It is green and also beautiful.
Find a city.... FOCUS
This a city that is on the southern coast of the country. A city that is known for its friendly people.
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You have found the most beautiful place on Earth, a place known for its wonderfulness and for its great schools and for its really nice churches. You have found Douglas. Where I live. I think the best thing about Douglas is that everybody is really nice and friendly. Another good reason why Douglas is great is because all the restaurants have great food and are lovely. I think all the shops are great value and are a pleasure to go to.
I like Douglas pool and I think that it should not be closed down or that the council should build a new one before they close it down.