29th June, 2000

This week we continue with the entries for “What I Like About Douglas” from St. Columba’s Boys School. We hope you enjoy reading them as much as we do. The boys have a tough task ahead of them.

What I like about Douglas by Michael Crowley (4th Class)
Douglas is a clean place to live and it has a lot of facilities, for example, Cinema world, a G.A.A pitch and much more. Douglas is the place to live. One of the advantages Douglas has is it has plenty of superb shops, excellent amenities and a Garda station but most importantly, friendly people.
There are also facilities for younger children like the G.A.A (Street leagues), Cinema, Crèches, Primary schools, playgrounds and greens. Douglas has several secondary schools for both girls and boys.
I also like the location of Douglas. My reasons for feeling this way are that it is close to town so you can just pop in and just pop out again. On the other hand, after a tiring week of work you could have a twenty-minute drive to the country or you could visit a beach, for example, Myrtleville beach. In Douglas you can have the best of both worlds.

What I like about Douglas by Peter Dunphy
I live in Douglas. I think it is the best place in the whole world. There are lots of friendly people in Douglas. It is a very lively place.
There are four primary schools in Douglas. I go to St. Columba's B.N.S. Our principal's name is Mr.Murphy. He is a very nice man. Eddie Murphy is our coach. I think he is the best coach in Ireland. In winter he takes us to the G.A.A. hall and in summer he takes us to the pitch.
There are two great shopping centres in Douglas- Tesco and Douglas Court. Hundreds of shoppers go there every day. There are all kinds of shops there. My favourite one is Black Track.
I love the swimming pool in Douglas. We go there from school on the bus. The County Council is threatening to close the pool at the moment. I hope it does not succeed.
When I grow up I will stay in Douglas because I love it here.

What I Like About Douglas by Paul O'Driscoll (4th Class)
Hello, my name is Paul O'Driscoll. I have lived in Douglas all my life. I like the people in Douglas, and anyway if it weren1t for them there wouldn't even be a Douglas. I also like the woods and parks were I enjoy walking and playing you can also see some very scenic views there.
St.Columba's Boys school is a great place where I enjoy all the things we do. We play Hurling and Gaelic football with Eddie Murphy and we do art with our teacher, who is very nice and the art she does is great. At Christmas we cut out and sewed stockings our selves. I hung mine on the mantle piece for Santa. We go swimming in Douglas pool where Mrs Campion teaches us different strokes.
When I go to the shops they give me great service. You can get lots of things in small shops like Daily's. There are two shopping centres in Douglas, which are Douglas Shopping Centre and Douglas Court. I enjoy going to the library in Douglas Shopping Centre.
The G.A.A. club has great sports, which are Hurling and Gaelic. It's great for seven-year-olds to ten-year-olds and seniors. My sister and I play Street Leagues ever Saturday and we have made many new friends.
So that's what I like about Douglas!

What I Like About Douglas by Stephen Noonan (4th Class)
I live in Douglas village, which is on the outskirts of Cork City. Douglas is a fairly big village and I think Douglas is the best place in Cork. It has everything you need two shopping centres, sweet shops, sports shops and a swimming pool. The village has many Sports clubs, soccer, rugby, pitch and putt, golf and G.A.A. It has four schools, a Gael Social, St.Columba's Boys and Girls National School and the Community school. In the middle of the village there is a beautiful park and playground where all the children can play. I like living in Douglas because I have many friends here. I do not think I would like to live anywhere else in the world other than Douglas.