6th July, 2000

This week we continue with the entries for “What I Like About Douglas” from St. Columba’s Boys School. We hope you enjoy reading them as much as we do. The boys have a tough task ahead of them.

What I like about Douglas by Lloyd Tett (4th Class)

I like Douglas because there is a lot of stuff to do because it's a village you meet a Lot of friends too. I am in St. Columba's B.N.S and I like that because I have a lot of friends. There are two shopping centres in Douglas called Douglas Court and Douglas Shopping Centre. They are huge centres.
Douglas school also has a girls school too and a huge swimming pool which is Called Douglas pool. Our own school goes there to the swimming gala with Mrs. Reid. We have a very kind principal and teachers. I am in Fourth Class with Mrs. Moore. She is a very kind and generous person. She makes learning fun for us. We went to the cinema with our school a couple of year's back and we went to see "A Bugs Life"
Douglas also has McDonalds, a cinema, a playground and millions of chemists. That's what I like about Douglas!

What I like about Douglas by Paul Clarke (4th Class)

A few years age my parents decided that they wanted to move to a nice place. We went to the library and we looked up maps and information on different places.
We were searching for a great town and in the end we found one. We decided on Cork - it was a great town. There was a lovely village there. It had everything from a pool to a GAA club, a Church and even a great School. It was clean and safe and had great facilities. There were two big shopping centres with about fifty shops and two coffee shops in each. There were lots of restaurants and pubs. There was a cinema and McDonalds and a great new park. The staff in all the shops were kind and helpful. There were lots of new houses being built so the population would increase.
This place was of course the beautiful village of Douglas. We moved here and found it to he an even better place in reality. I really love Douglas for all it has to offer to my family and me and I am quite sure that my parents will not decide to move again. I hope that this is my home for a long time to come.

What I like about Douglas by Aaron Sammon (4th Class)

Douglas is a place where there are a lot of good places to go and good places to eat, drink and shop. I live in Douglas and I go to school in St, Columba's B.N.S.
I went there when I was five years old. It is a great school and we play a lot of sports such as soccer, running, swimming, hurling and Gaelic. We have an excellent coach for GAA. His name is Eddie Murphy. In Douglas Shopping Centre I love the library. It has all my favourite books there. I like the restaurants in Douglas. My favourite restaurant is Bully's because their food is delicious. I love College Corinthians where I play soccer every Saturday morning.

What I like about Douglas by Craig Walsh (Aged 10, 4th Class)

There are many reasons why I like Douglas, for instance I live there and I go to school there. My school is called St. Columba’s Boys' National School. Douglas (GAA pitch is next to our school. I play for Douglas in the under age team. Eddie Murphy is the main trainer and he also coaches the school team. We also have a soccer club called College Corinthians, which is near Westgrove. I live near there and so do my friends Cohn O'Herlihy and Stephen Noonan. I have two other friends who are from different Countries. One is from Romania and his name is Cornel Rad and the other boy is from Israel. He speaks Hebrew as well as English. Douglas is the centre of the Universe to me.
We also have a rugby club, which is in the Douglas Community School. A few boys in my class went to it but the season is finished now. We also have two shopping centres, which are called Douglas Court (Dunnes Stores), and Douglas Shopping Centre (Tesco). There is a famous landmark in Douglas called the Fingerpost, which is situated between the village and the Garda Station in Maryborough, and as I already said Douglas means the world to me.