13th July, 2000

This week brings to an end our current series of school essays on 'What I like About Douglas'. For the staff of the Douglas Weekly it has been an educational experience seeing Douglas through the eyes of a younger generation. We would like to thank the Girls and Boys of St. Columba's Schools who sent in their well written essays and congratulate them all on a job well done. We would also like to congratulate their teachers for the excellent work they are doing. Happy Holiday's !

WHAT I LIKE ABOUT DOUGLAS by Liam Quirke (4th Class)
Douglas is the centre of my world. I love everything about Douglas. Douglas holds all of my friends and it holds my favourite cousins. Everybody is friendly here in Douglas. I think that my school, St Columba's B.N.S, is the best school there is. It has brilliant teachers and we have lots of activities at my school. In fact there are lots of activities in Douglas like its G.A.A. club, its soccer club College Corinthians and its swimming club. All three of these are fantastic clubs to join because you can get better at these sports and its great fun if you join. In the park you can enjoy the slides, the seesaw, the climbing walls etc. You can also play sports such as soccer, hurling, rounders and many more There are also many great and helpful shops and garages such as Mace, Tesco, Dunnes Stores, Daily's Centra and Shell. To some Douglas is just a visit, to some Douglas is just where they do there shopping, but to me Douglas is home

What I like about Douglas By Jack McGrath (4th Class)

Douglas is a place where there can be found all manner of amenities. A place which is a lot more interesting than other places. The things I like about Douglas are the McDonalds restaurant and Douglas swimming pool.
Douglas is a village in the city of Cork. I like the G.A.A. club in Douglas. St.Columba's B.N.S. have won the hurling and Gaelic final five years in a row. Douglas has two schools and eight take-away's and four churches.
I think the Douglas playground is a great place to play. I like going to the cinema. It saves us a lot of time because we do not have to go into town to see a movie. We can walk to the cinema and watch a movie
but of course we have to pay money. Douglas also has a scout cubs and beaver unit the 6th and 47th.
The 6th unit won the most improved unit award recently. I think Douglas is a very busy place.

What I Like about Douglas! By Sean O'Sullivan (4th Class)
Douglas is a lively and exciting place. There 1s a lot happening for people of all ages, especially for my age group. I have lots of friends here, which makes it a very special place. There are many shops in Douglas; l like many of them especially the sports shops and I think its great that most of them are within walking distance. I also like the park, lots of kids play there and it is a very nice place. I also like the library it has most of my favourite books. One of my favourite things to do in Douglas is to go to the cinema. It bas all the latest movies!
I love my school, St Columbus boys. It has many facilities and we take part in lots of activities such as football, hurling and swimming.
My grandparents also live in Douglas on a farm. This is why! I like Douglas