12th AUGUST, 1999

continued from last week ...

Paul Kavanagh of "Vibrant Earth" continues his conversation with Micheal O Hanlon concluding the account of his adventures.

The coast of California is unbelievably breathtaking. Unfortunatly our faihful old banger, that had carried us across America, died on us in San Francisco. So we pushed it over to the side of a street and left it. A risky business in an American city, because their streets are generally spotless, with garbage bins every hundred yards, littering is something you don't do. The people are not passive about it. It's their town and they look after it, they don't take kindly to strangers coming in and littering their streets. Their proud of their towns and rightly so. Anyway with our car gone we rented a van and did some touring around, for a couple of weeks, before we had to leave. We went up to Napper Valley, thats just an hours drive from 'Frisco. We went along the Pacific Coast Highway to Malibu and Santa Monica. They're surprisingly small towns where lots of rich and famous people live. They like their privacy, and they like to keep things as they are. No progressive society here, disapointing really. We went north towards the Sierra Nevada and stopped off at Reno and tried our hands at gambling for a night, not much luck. We went onto Aspen in Colorado and then onto Vale and back. We stopped in Aspen for three days. It's a very false town, full of wealthy people all trying to impress each other, the streets are like fashion parades. It would have taken us too long to learn how to ski so we had a go at snowboarding and had ourselves a crazy time. Then we returned to San Francisco, our time in America was coming to an end, but there was a lot more to do than I ever imagined. We had gone to America for the adventure and experience, it was not a ment to be a career move. But while I was working as a carpenter on the building sites in Florida, which was rather funny seeing as I had never swung a hammer in my life, I was having trouble with my knees due to all the bending and floor work. I was also having trouble sleeping. I had been reading about alternative medicine's, and the one that intrugedme the most was what they called Bio Magnetic Therapy, so I studied it, and learnd more about it and I bought some of the products and tried them out. They worked immediatly. I started telling my friends about them and before long anybody with aches and pains was coming to me, so I started selling the stuff to them. It was'nt long before Iwas sponsered by the company. I had products for every part of the body, back straps, knee wraps, overlays you could sleep on. Natural Bio-Magnetic therapeutic products can alleviate all kinds of pain and dramatically increase the bodies energys. Great for things like arthritis and High Blood pressure, Varicose Veins, Sciatica, Depression, the list is almost endless. And none of it is new, it has been a popular form of health therapy in Eaastern Cultures for thousands of years, one good thing about it is that it is not expensive. Anyway after my initial success in Florida, I thought that I was leaving it all behind when I went to California. Working as a driver of a furniture truck in San Francisco I found myself in need of bio-magnetic once again. So the company renewed my sponsership, and slowly but surely I got myself back into it, and it was'nt too long before I was at it full time. I was calling on Colleges and High Schools, and Football teams, anywhere people would have injuries and would need me. The word spread like wildfire, soon there were golfers and sports agencies, schools and senior citizens coming to me. Business was booming and in the middle of it all it was time to come home. It was great to be home for Christmas, and I was making plans to go to Australia, but then I met so many people with aches and painsit seemed fate was catching up with me. And I just got into it again, and set up my own business over here. Over the past few months everything has been going great. The feed back I've been getting is amazing. I'm working with everyone from sports people to pensioners and children, anyone with aches and pains. The product of course is energy, and it works with the bodies energy levels, which is why it probably works so well, and why the business is so successful. And that's the reason why I'm home to stay. But my travelling is by no means over, but in the future it be for holidays. I want to see Australia, and I certainly want to go back to America, but somehow or other if, or should I say when, I go back to America it will be to San Francisco because for some reason a part of me will always be there.


Paul Kavanagh.


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