9th September 1999


I wrote to complain about the cementery in Ballygarvan, which has been open for 10 years. What spurred on my complaint was last weeks mention of Passage’s graveyard that has no tap. Ballygarvan graveyard also has no tap, but in addition to this it also lacks the maintenance that was so dutifully promised when the cementery was opened 10 years ago. The grass is terribly overgrown and reportedly has not been cut on a regular basis. There is rubbish being dumped outside the gates of the cementary and a person who is appalled that it is just being left in a state made the complaint.

We were able to contact Carrigaline County Council who told us that putting a tap into a rural cementery was a form of wastage and could be an attraction for vandals. As for the maintenance, we were told the engineer had not visited the cementery for some time. But I think our enquiry prompted a response as the gentleman I spoke to promised to visit the graveyard this weekend and try to improve the conditions.


Greetings from Pog Mahone's Irish Pub in Queenstown New Zealand.
My name is Ray Carroll from Douglas, and iam the general manager of Pog Mahone's International. My mother and father live in Gartan Park, Mary and Denis. My reason for
this e-mail is that we here at Pog's are the first authentic Irish Pub in the world to get the sunrise at 5.47am which has been clarified by the Carter Observatory in Wellington.I just thought that you might be interested to know that a Douglas boy has the privilige to be the first in the world to drink the first pint of Guinness in an authentic irish pub for the new millennium.
We shipped out 4000 kilos of pub from Ireland.
I read your paper all the time, it's great to get some news from home.

Kind Regards,
Ray Carroll.


Dear Michael,

I would like to thank you for being instrumental in making our Pet Fair & fantastic success - again this year. This being the second year that we have advertised with the you and your wonderful publication The Douglas Weekly; our expectations were again well and truly surpassed. Prior to this our Pet Fair though well attended was never anything spectral, but sincere have placed our advertisement with you our attendance has grown noticeably.
We had last year over 1,000 visitors to our Pet Fair, this year we topped 1,500 and possibly more I would strongly recommend anyone wanting to publicize anything be It an upcoming event or a business to place an ad with the Douglas Weekly. It is the only publication that has never left us down . A lesson that some of the so called larger papers should relearn.

Thank You,
Your sincerely,
Peter Ward.