11th November,1999


Dear Sir

I am looking for someone to help me with a big room to start up a self-help group for people who suffer with anxiety and panic attacks. I got a room in the North Mall, which I was very grateful for, but there was so many people on the night we did not have enough room, but a very nice gentleman offered me a room - Passage Sports & Social Club, Cork Road, Passage West, next to Jerry Collins Garage.
I am starting the first group on Thursday 18th November from 8 to 10pm. For more information you can contact Sheila at 021-358841. All are welcome.

Yours Sincerely
Sheila Murphy.


Dear Douglas Weekly,

What a cracking night last night in Rochestown Park Hotel. Thanks to you and your staff and all those involved in your excellent publication. I witnessed and enjoyed a memorable evening from the touring company “Smackee”.

Many thanks,
Liam Spriggs.


Dear Sir,

I wish to draw attention to the unsightly plot of wild grass and weeds at the foot of Maryborough Hill, which is encroached on the roadway. Perhaps Mr Peter Kelly could arrange for its removal.
I am concerned that you mention the burial of the fingerpost. I am unsure of what is meant by burial in this case. I consider the fingerpost to be a feature of our village.

Concerned Reader.


Dear Sir,

I am writing on behalf of the McGrath Family who are resident in three households at Bloomfield, Rochestown Road - to the left of St. Patrick’s Church. The property has been in the family for the past four generations and operated as a farm until the middle 1980’s. We lost our own entrance way with erection of the South Ring Road and the fly-over on the Rochestown Road.
The agreement reached at the time was that we would have a right of way exercisable on the road to the left of the Church. Prior to the erection of the Church we had discussions with the then Parish Priest, expressing our concerns about the difficulty of access to the Church - there is no other way in or out. When the Church was built we were promised ‘goodwill’ in the - exercise of our right of way. The County Council, without our intervention, made the right of way a public road on 22nd June, 1998.
The road is not a one way system. The “No Entry” sign is there to direct parishioners to the church car park. Since the Church was opened in 1991, we have suffered much abuse in exercising a right which many take for granted - free access to ones house at any time. At mass times, particularly, 6.3Opm on Saturdays and 11.00am and 12.30pm on Sundays we become prisoners in our own homes. The roadway is only wide enough to allow two cars pass at a time. People who park on the roadway hinder cars leaving the car park leaving no room for us to drive down. In the event of an emergency we fear that our lives would be in
danger as Fire Brigade and Ambulance services would not be able to reach us.
As recently as three weeks ago my mother was returning from 10.00am mass in Douglas and was verbally abused by a young couple who saw it as their right to park underneath a “No Parking” sign and lecture a woman in her 70’s about breaking an invalid “No Entry” sign!
We would appeal to Churchgoers, as a courtesy to use the car park provided and not to park on this narrow roadway. We would like to think that if the situation were otherwise, that we would not deliberately block access to your driveway!

Yours sincerely,
Mary McGrath