22nd December,1999


President Ronald Reagan. His domestic and international policies merit the utmost praise. He restored America's pride from the doldrums of malaise. He put forth a vision that not only should be emulated in the United States but also worldwide. Mother Theresa herself once told President Reagan that his election to the Presidency was by the hand of God. I wish that he was more respected in Ireland, maybe someday he will be. I admire him greatly.

Jeff Anderson, Cordova, Tennessee.


Dear Michael,
As you are aware I live in San Juan Capistrano, Southern California, and ring my mother Maureen every Sunday to keep in touch. Well in our conversation today (Sunday Dec. 19) she told me that you were very gracious in how you wrote of my father Tom, who sadly passed away on December 1, 1999. I would appreciate if you could possibly print the following poem written by my daughter Tara who was 8 years old when she wrote it and now has taken on a whole new meaning to me and my family.

What is White?

White is a dove
flying in the sky
a sail sailing on
the smooth sea and the
feeling of flowers
tingling against my face.

White is the taste
of the inside of an apple
and the smell of fresh new air.
White makes me feel safe
with my cat at night.
White is the sound
of a blind lady calling me.

White is my friend
glittering in the night.
White is an angel
bringing someone to heaven.
By Tara Dilloughery age 8 years

Keep up the good work. Thanks again.
John Dilloughery


Dear Michael
It's all very well to be talking about a litter warden for Douglas, it is important to keep Douglas clean, but first things first.
Michael, walk over to Douglas East, we are like the forgotten people, everybody is so busy passing through Douglas. But it is the people of Douglas East that are living here are the most important people (or at least they should be). The Council never seems to finish a job properly. Just take the footpath outside Douglas Close, nice job looks great, but they didn't do the path outside the Carpet Shop and Harrods Restaurant. It's a disgrace, take a look, it's impossible to push a buggy, never mind our older Residents trying to pick their steps. Take a walk to Exam House at the Fingerpost Roundabout, the manhole has been dug up for over two months and as yet not covered in, just a few boards and cones on top. That's not the end of it. The Council in their wisdom decided to fill in the deep drain in the road running outside Gartan Park and I might add they didn't finish this job either. They left a few cones on the road; they must have run out of tarmacadam? Now people are parking on both sides of the road, hardly right is it? The Council decided to repair the road in Gartan Park, it's like a patchwork quilt and yes they didn't finish this either. They left some of the old tarmacadam heaped at the end of the Park; this does not do much for the image of Douglas.
At the end of Gartan Park there is a gate that was used years ago by a farmer for access to the fields below, the residents of Gartan Park have asked the Council and our politicians to get the gate replaced by a proper wall, but no one listens. Look at all the developments around this tiny Park. Soon we won't be seen as well as been forgotten. Four storey buildings towering over the Park, and who cares? Nobody! The residents objected and so did the TSB Bank, but nobody else. There was a time years ago when McDonalds came to Douglas, they were only allowed to have a single storey building to be in keeping with the area and to be fair to them, the design and landscape around their building is very tasteful. Now anything goes, it's crazy! What is going to happen when all these developments are up and running? I'll tell you, nothing will move, traffic is bad now, but just wait! And whose fault is it? The Councils. They gave them permission.

Yours Sincerely, Concerned Resident (Name and address with editor)
P.S. It's a pity the potholes are not topped up as high as the topsoil that has engulfed our sinking Fingerpost.


I was surprised to see the photograph in the 'MEMORIES OF THE WAY WE WERE' section of your latest issue.
Canice Dempsey was my uncle and I have only one photograph of him, as he died in a car crash, returning from an All Ireland, some time in the 1950's. I assume I will be able to download a copy from your photo section in the near future. Keep up the good work.
John Dempsey


I have been keeping an eye out for a crib in Douglas Court Shopping Centre for the last few weeks. I had heard an article on the Gerry Ryan radio show looking for the worst crib in Ireland. I didn't hear how that one panned out but when I finally asked in Douglas Court, I was told that there was no crib at all there. This is really disgraceful. Have we totally forgotten what Christmas is all about? With all the hype and 24 hour shopping on December 24th, I really hope that people will take the time to go to confession and go to the trouble of attending mass on Christmas morning.
Take a moment and ask yourself what it is all about.

T. O'Sullivan, Broadale, Douglas
P.S. Is it too late to rectify matters in Douglas Court?


Dear Editor,

Regarding the proposed closure of the public walkways in Pinecroft; I wish to make the following points:
1) What of the elderly people who will now have their shortcuts removed?
2) What of the school going children who will now have longer walks in all kinds of weather?
3) What of the mothers collecting their young from school with a child in a buggy?
4) What of the people who have no car?
5) Why cut off access to the local churches and schools?
Again the elderly, the young and the less well off will suffer.
Councillors please take note
Concerned Resident.