27th January, 2000

Lord Mayor 1913-1915

Dear Mike
Just a little information re-your photo in 13th January’s issue of a garden party held in Old Court Rochestown.
The lord Mayor in the centre - front row, is Sir Henry O'Shea who was elected to that office in 1913, 14 and 15, which puts your photo on line, early 1916 when Thomas C. Butterfield became Lord Mayor.
John O'Leary


Dear Editor
I thank you for the space in your well read 'Weekly' for me to let off some steam. I am fuming over the fact that Cork Local; Radio will be axed in a week's time. I am an avid listener for the past 25 years.
The head of RTE was on the Joe Duffy programme on Friday last; I and many more people rang in before the programme. One person from Cork was allowed air her views. I am totally disgusted with Joe Duffy. I will not be listening to his programme again.
People of Cork you have a week to get off your Butts and lobby your TD's. If this happens I will never vote Fianna Fail again. After all we in Cork are paying our TV licences and I am now beginning to wonder for what?
Cork Radio Fan
(Name and address with Editor)


My first memory was of a group of about 30 men meeting outside "Bella's" shop on a Sunday morning after Mass to make up score as far as Ryders pump, some of those included Todger Walsh, John Daly, Tom Kiloh Kelly, Florrie McCarthy, Ned and Alec Sweeney, Dicksie Martin, John Driscoll, ( Jack & Derry's father ), Spuddie Murphy, Jimmy Crowley, Mickey Cooney and Tedna Looney ( Christy's Tyres father ). Sometimes the score would start at Mangans shop ( Christy's Carpets ) or else at "Bella's". I was told the record number of throws to Scart Cross was 5 bowls and I would like to know who held this.
And on to the 60's from Korea to Scart Cross in 2 bowls and the two longest throws up the hill were from Johnny Quinn. The first was thrown from Jack Driscoll's house at the bottom of Korea and his next shot opened the corner at Scart Cross. The score would usually finish at Ritchies Wicket. Those involved at that time that I remember were Lorrigan ( Liam Lorrigan ), Austin Collins, Miah Sullivan, Jack and Derry Driscoll, Jerry Martin, Flor McCarthy, Michael Burke, Bob "Lobber" Walsh, Joe O'Connell... etc.
The 70's in my opinion were the best years, you had great players and characters e.g. Dick Martin ( Ricky the Tricky ), Mick O'Connor, Wally Clarke, the two Boss Keeffe's, Victor Pinfield ( I'll take a piece off the corner ) , DD & Jerry Murphy, Tom Sweeney, Der McCarthy ( Hole in the Roof ) , Gongo Walsh, Andy Sullivan ( caught in my sleeve ) Joe and John ( Get ) Lynch ( I'll hold the stake ) and so on. There would normally be four scores up and four back finishing at Ritchie's the Pocket, Burke's and the four pairs. There was also bowling on the Castletreasure Road, but I'll leave that to someone else to tell. I am open to correction on many of the above.

Yours in sport "Lofty” player.

Rochestown Residents Assoc. Umbrella Group

We would like to draw attention to the proposed developments in the area.
An application has been lodged by O'Flynn Construction Ltd for 769 dwellings at Mountoval, adjacent to the 87 under construction.

Applications have also been lodged for,
- 145 dwellings on Belmount lands
- 47 Apartments in Norwood Court
- 97 Apartments in Hartys Quay
- 72 dwellings on the Monastery Road
- With more pending on Maryborough Hill.

We are objecting to the high density proposed because the roads infrastructure is inadequate to deal with huge volume of traffic which will be generated, All the above dwellings must use the same roads network that is presently over burdened with traffic especially during morning and evening peak flow.
Any queries about the above should be mane to your local Residents Association.