24th February, 2000


Dear Michael,
Just a few words to say "Thanks a Million" for a wonderful night at the Showband Show at Rochestown Park Hotel last week. What a night of music! It brought back all the memories of the 7o's. We sang our way through the whole night like teenagers. Our only regret was we couldn't dance as well.
Thanks again for the tickets. Keep up the good work.

Angela and Seamus O'Donoghue


We buried Esmeralda today. The beautiful ginger coloured cat, part of our family for sixteen years was laid to rest in our backgarden.
Enroute to what was to be Esmeralda's final trip to the vet, I stroked her head, her still beautiful green eyes staring me as if to say, "Help me I can't go on like this". Kidneys no longer doing their job, appetite nil, just a constant thirst.
A far cry from the proud, bouncing kitten appearing at our backdoor daily, all those years ago. Worming her way into our home and into our hearts. Later getting on famously with Sandy the puppy, another addition to the household.
They have both shared our joys and sorrows, giving us so much love and affection. Ever faithful ever true.
We buried Esmeralda today. And we cried.
Neil O'Donoughue,


Dear Mick,
On behalf of Douglas Rugby Club we would like to thank you for your excellent coverage of our 21st Dinner Dance. As you are aware we had over 220 people. We would also like to thank everyone at the Rochestown Park Hotel, a great night was had by all.

Tony O'Flynn.


Dear Michael
Nuns, Priests and Brothers do it, countless lay people do it; Mother Theresa did it, Princess Caroline did it, i.e. speak out against the intolerance, - rejection dished out by society to those to those within it branded as outcasts, be they, Aids sufferers, Travellers, Asylum seekers, or in Jesus' time Lepers. This was the theme of Father's homily referred to - inaccurately in my view - in your column, " Seen Read and Heard", last week.
In no way did he single out any section of our society for unkind attention, rather he was trying to focus society's attention towards those we might otherwise avoid or condemn, that instead we should act as Jesus did towards Lepers, the most abandoned of outcasts. To take one line out of Father's well prepared and gently delivered short homily is to miss the whole context of the piece. As you say you did not attend the mass yourself, but a simple phone call before going to print would have easily cleared up the matter.
As you have so often in the past given excellent coverage to Church matters in Douglas through your widely read journal, I hope you can include my humble viewpoint.
In case I'm mistaken to be a fellow member of the "Dog' Collar" brigade defending one of its own, I conclude by signing myself,
John O'Leary, Douglas


Dear Editor,
In your opinion column in last Sunday's Douglas Weekly, I think you may have been referring to my homily at St. Columba's the previous Sunday. Feedback to homilies is helpful and welcome. It is always possible for me to inadvertently cause hurt to a listener, and when this happens, it is good that I hear it, so I can learn from it.
In my homily on that day, I was making the point that there are many people today who are being treated the same way as the lepers were in Jesus' day - Travellers, homeless people, gay men and women, the poor, the sad, among many others. This is my perception - others may perceive things differently.
But if there is truth in this perception, I believe Christians are challenged to do something about it, by working to see that all people feel included as Jesus did when he touched and healed the leper.
Thanks for giving me space to make this reply. Massgoers who have reactions to a homily are welcome to contact me directly, either straight after Mass, by post to the address below, or by e-mail. I have a lot to learn and am glad of the help and advice of those who attend Mass.

Yours faithfully
Fr Bernard Cotter,
42 Maryborough Ave Douglas Cork
E-mail: frbernard@eircom.net


Dear Sir
In reply to your request for information on the Blackrock seven-aside-team. I will name them for you. Front row, Sean Kelliher, Sean Holland and Michael O'Sullivan. Back row left to right, Teddy Sullivan, Timmie Kelly, Willie Keefe, Sonny Kelly, Denis Kelly, Ray McCarthy. Sean Holland, Timmy and Sonny Kelly, all three played in the first A-O-H Cup Final with Abbey Rovers from Dunbar and Margaret Street, and were beaten in a replay by Crosshaven. The same three also won two Munster Junior Cup in a row with Blackrock in the 'fifties. The same period had some very good cup matches with the Douglas soccer team. Hope this helps to sort out the picture. Lovely to see the picture again, haven't seen it for a lot of years.
Thanking You
Denis Kelly, Douglas