2nd March, 2000


Regarding the very strange phone call I received on February 29th at approximately 3.30pm from a mysterious lady caller demanding to know my identity as my unlisted home phone number kept appearing on her itemised bill. I would like to suggest to you to ask your husband or partner to explain the lewd, obscene phone calls I keep receiving.
Hope this will solve the mystery of Belwildered.
Name and Address with Editor.


Many thanks to the friendly staff at the Douglas Weekly for your support in the launching of the new Douglas School of Music. The care and informed advice helped me enormously in deciding the best way of setting up and organising the new school. Your advice to me - a relative newcomer was helpful in understanding the Douglas area and its musical needs.
Since the launching of the Douglas School of Music, we have been expanding, adding new instruments and classes every month. And over these few weeks the staff of the Douglas Weekly has continued to co-operate in the promotion of the school and help in a most beneficial way.
From all at the Douglas School of Music to the Douglas Weekly - thank you for helping to make us a success!
Dana Forbes, Director


On Feb. 18th. Margaret Miller from Carrigaline presented sweet music and song at Douglas Library.
I follow Margaret's presentations everywhere because she knows how to please. She gives the right mixture of classic and light music. She is never boring. Feet tap to the beat, and hands sway!
We were treated to sounds from Vienna, Voices of spring, Straus, much romance, Gilbert and Sullivan etc. People hum "Willow .tit willow" as they meet Margaret!
Let me tell you something about the delightful lady. She was a sister nurse in the accident and emergency of a London hospital for many years while she bought up a nice family and even did a course at Open University and received an honours degree in Literature, Art and History. She retired with her husband, Joe, to Carrigaline where I had the pleasure of meeting her in our Carrigaline Writers' Group. A few years ago both she and I were shortlisted in An Post Adult Letterwriting Competition and enjoyed a huge party in Dublin where we met Pat Kenny and of course John Hynes, chief of An Post. We attend music at Carrigaline Library monthly and Margaret sometimes presents her music there with, I might add, many excellent Presenters.
Margaret is a Limerick lady and her husband also comes from Limerick but she had Cork connections with Mr Williams, her Cork grandfather. As Cork City people say, "She is one of our own."
Joanna O'Shea