13th April, 2000


I am pleased to inform you that the mound of earth has been removed from Maryborough Hill, and the footpath completed and road area surfaced. I would like to pay tribute to Cork County Council Management and Staff for finally completing the work, which while long overdue, is nonetheless welcome now. I am awaiting news of up-to-date position regarding additional work to be done further up on Maryborough Hill.
I am also giving a copy of the Integrated Road & Traffic Management Plan Problems & Options Report to Douglas Library, so people may read it at Douglas Library. This is a much more substantial document than the previous one and it would not be possible for me to make copies .
I understand that there were many visitors to the Waste Management Bus when it was at the two Shopping Centres last week. I am delighted that people have a chance to have a direct input into the plan, of course, while all ideas and submissions are valuable the Consultants then have to present the best options which in their opinion will allieviate our traffic problems for Douglas. It will be vital to ensure that Cork County Council acts on the recommendations.
I would like to say from my dealings with the Staff and Management that I believe that they are aware that the public requires a more customer friendly service and are working towards that ideal. We have a long way to go, with Planning issues, Estate management, Enforcement, Housing and Information desimination playing a major part in peoples' dissatisfaction rating. I am confident that the County Manager and his staff and indeed all the Councillors are working hard to ensure that our Local Goverment model will be one of the best in the future.
Regards, Deirdre Forde M.C.C.


Dear Michael
Reading the letter re 'Our Lovely day' brought back fond memories to me. We got married in 1968. - Reception at the Metropole Hotel - Menu 1.2.6 old money. I enclose a copy of the bill - food and drink for the day for 84 people cost 121.7.0.
The youth of today will never have the golden memories we hold of our yesteryears. I feel sorry for them. They are being brainwashed with Sex - Drugs and Violence on T.V. and videos.
P.S. Lovely letter Neil.
Yours sincerely
Happy days.

(Editors note; sorry we couldn't print all of the bill, suffice to say a bottle of whisky cost 2.12.6 old money , i.e. 2.65)


Cork North jetties where during the '50's and early '60's the Innisfallen carried father's, son's and daughters to England, hold heartbreaking memories for so many.
Today a plus side to the Celtic Tiger is the return of exiles to the Emerald Isle.
Made redundant in the early '60's I was forced to take the boat to Kilburn, leaving my young wife and two babies behind. In my youthful naivety I visualised a room to myself in London but ended up sharing a room with four strangers. I worked the night shift at Walls Meat Processors in refrigerated conditions.
Watching, Ton Jones singing "I'm Coming Home" really tore me apart. Fortunately within months I secured employment back in Cork with C.I.E., back to the arms of my loving wife and children again.
Sadly thousands more were not so lucky. Today they're probably too old or too ill to return to the Auld Sod!
Neil O'Donoghue


Dear Sir
In a recent issue of the "Examiner" it was disclosed that the people of Ballincollig are well on the way to setting up their own local Authority. I commend them for their attempt and wish them well in their endeavours.
It must have occurred to many people living in the greater Douglas Area i.e. Douglas, Grange, Frankfield, Rochestown etc. How remote we seem to be from the centre of power, with the consequent impression being formed that the area mentioned is getting less than it's fair share of the regional cake.
An elected public representative tells me that there have been four new urban local Authorities created since Independence, i.e. Shannon, Tramore, Leixlip and Greystones. I'm Sure many a successful political career began on these town councils and that local interest in the well being of these individual areas is much higher than average.
I am writing this letter to stimulate interest in this idea and look forward with interest to any replies.
Brendan Lyons


Dear Sirs,

Douglas Court Shopping Centre is opened ten years now. When it opened we had a group of bored housewives knocking at our doors with a petition for us to object to the lovely that stood tall at the front of the shopping centre.
The clock has since gone, and all of a sudden there is an ugly eyesore of a so called ‘apartment block’ put up right across the road from where the clock stood.
I was just wondering where the bored housewives are now?
Name and address with editor.


Hi Michael,
Just a short note to tell you how much I enjoy your newsletter, especially the last two week's with the photographs of my family, the Walsh's and this week my baby sister Mary Byrne. I have lived in Michigan for the past ten years and I love it, but I also miss home a lot, so I love going to your site to keep up with the local news, My e-mail is liffeylee@msn.com if anyone who knows me would like to contact me.
All the best,
Anne Beere (nee Walsh)


A delegation representing local Residents Associations met Corporation Officials at the City Dump last week to check on recent excavation work taking place. They were horrified to discover, almost accidentally that plans were well advanced to establish a permanent rubbish distribution centre in the reclaimed area (25% of the total site) which was formally earmarked for recreation facilities on closure of the dump.
This facility is planned to accept all refuse from the City and County, sort it out and then transport it to a new dumpsite (if one can be found). This would probably be in operation 24hours a day, with the consequent emission of noise, fumes and smells. Plus the usual attraction of flies, rats, gulls and crows. Then the use of sprays etc. Verbal objections were issued.
All this adjacent to a huge Secondary Girls School (100 yards away), a Pitch and Put Course, and most seriously the surrounding housing estates on the Kinsale Road, Turners Cross, Sth. Douglas Road, Grange, Frankfield etc, Some 1,000 houses.
The residents are organising major opposition to these plans.
R.A.D.I.D. (Residents Against Dump In Douglas)
Phone; 895424 / 963298 / 362675 / 4895082