20th April, 2000

Where are the Litter Bins?

I’m new in Donnybrook. and have fallen in love with the area. On my first walk around the area the first that came to my notice, was not a litter bin in sight. So to my amazement on my search from Upper Donnybrook the nearest bin is outside the entrance to the boys school.
Have the Cork County Council any money? What are people/children to do with wrappers and the like. The bus stop by Maxol is an absolute disgrace, with chip papers, beer cans and rubbish everywhere. It's a pity that this lovely area has to look like this.
Tim Shannon, Donnybrook.

Party Time

No matter how tough life can be, we Irish are always game for a party. So it was in the Marsh of my childhood. Up to thirty of my Aunts and Uncles and Cousins crammed into our tenement flat. The following songs will revive pleasant memories for many. My dad blasting out "Legion of the Rearguard" and "The West's Awake" plus North, South and East as well. A noble call brought "There is a Flower that Bloometh", and "In Happy Moments" from my 'Mauritania' loving Mother.
"Alice Ben Bolt", "Speak to me Thora", "Little Grey Home in the West" and "Where the River Shannon Meets the Sea" kept the party swinging.
Us kids revelled in my Uncles' impression of the 'Hunchback of Notre Dame'; a cushion under his jumper and his dentures upside down in his gob had us screaming in fear. My Cousin with soot on his face did a brilliant Al Jolson, his mother in tears at his rendition of "Mammy". Everybody was dancing the Conga to a Frankie Laine belting out "Ghost Riders in the Sky".
One hooley came to an abrupt ending when my Dad with a drink too many on board did a botched job tapping a timber stout barrel, almost flooding the house with the precious liquid.
"Just a Little Love a Little Kiss" and the "Sunshine of Your Smile" rang out before proceedings ended with "Amhran Na Bfiann"
Neil O'Donoghue

Competition Winner says Thanks

Dear Mr. O'Hanlon,
I would like to thank you and Douglas Jewellers for the beautiful watch which I won on your competition. I can't wait to wear it for my Communion.
I showed my friends and they loved it.
Thank you very very much again.
From Jenny.

Dierdre Forde, MCCC, writes ...

Re: Maryborough Hill
I have made representations to Council in relation to road widening and the lack of footpath on Maryborough Hill. This matter has been ongoing for numerous years and with the increased volume of traffic on the Hill, the safety of pedestrians using the Hill must be addressed, and addressed quickly before a serious accident occurs.
Council have replied that they are currently in discussions with the Officers of Douglas Golf Club concerning the land acquisition from them in order that Maryborough Hill would be widened. As part of accommodation works Council would be installing a new entrance for the Golf Club. I understand that there are differing opinions as to where this entrance is to be located and the matter has not been finalised as yet. I have written to the Officers of the Golf Club and urged them play their part in bringing the matter to a successful conclusion or alternatively meet with representatives of residents and myself to discuss the matter.
I will continue to press Council and the Golf Club to prioritise the matter and conclude their discussions in order that residents in the area will get what they need - a footpath. I consider it discraceful that it has taken so long to provide a footpath here and I will keep you informed of developments.

Re: Cork County Council Area Office - Douglas
I wrote to Council on the 20th March. and had been awaiting a response to their visit to Douglas before Christmas in relation to this issue. The County Manager has informed me that he has been progressing the matter with Management Team since the New year and he is presently at a reasonably advanced stage in relation to the establishment of an Engineering Section for Douglas. He also informed me that the issue of office and its location is now been looked at. I understand that he will be making arrangements to brief the members of the Carrigaline Area Committee in April or May.

I await Councils response to this matter. It is simply outrageous that an area of the size of Douglas does not already have such an office. Council has been dragging its heel for far too long now on the issue. Cork County Council receives substantial amounts in revenue from the area and there are many estates where roads, footpaths, traffic calming, lighting, enforcement, planning, litter matters must be addressed. The delay in responding to the wishes of the people of the wider Douglas area is totally unacceptable. I ask myself does the County Manager want me to produce signatures from every man woman and child in the area to press home the demand for such a facility! Hopefully, we will have good news on the matter soon. I am sure The Douglas Weekly will help keep the matter to the fore.

More next week ... Regards Deirdre Forde, MCCC.