8th June, 2000


Dear Editor,
A few years ago, the Parish Priest of Grange/Frankfield Church made an announcement that we the local Community would be delighted to hear that the no.6 bus service was to be extended from Grange to Frankfield in the near future. Bus stops were erected at approximately the same time. We are still waiting for the bus to arrive in Frankfield. In the last few years the population of Frankfield has increased dramatically and spread out reaching as far as the Kinsale roundabout.
Approximately 18 months ago I contacted Bus Eireann management to enquire when were they going to commence the bus service to Frankfield. I was informed that they have a problem with the unions who refuse to provide the service. I would strongly suggest the unions' take-over the management of Bus Eireann and for once take responsibilities for their decisions. Management who seem to have abandoned their responsibilities should be made redundant and payment for same to be related to their performance. It is a shame especially in winter, seeing local people having to walk from Frankfield to Grange for the bus which can take up to 30 minutes if walking from Alderbrook Estate.
I also contacted our elected representatives of the main political parties in regards to this issue. Indeed during the last election to replace the late Hugh Coveney all parties had this as a main item in their campaign. To date there has been no information regarding this forgotten bus service.
I am a resident of the Grange area for almost thirty years. l hope that the Frankfield/ Grange residents will remember the inactivity of the people they have elected especially when they come knocking on their doors looking for votes.
Our elected representatives have no qualms about spending millions of the taxpayers money to help the refugees, whilst we the local taxpaying people are neglected.

P.S. If any refugee can read this, could he please contact one of our elected representatives and complain about the lack of bus service. I feel sure that this would probably he the best approach to get action.