29th June, 2000


A number of weeks ago I dropped you a line requesting that you might get some of your staff to clean the ditch on the Douglas side of Mt Pellier Rd., in order to give us the people who live in the area and who have to exit onto Donnybrook Hill a number of times daily, a better view to our right at least as far as the bend. To date my request seems to have been ignored. If I don't pay my taxes to Cork Co. Council I can't drive on the road and likewise if I do not pay my refuse etc. it will not be collected. Can you please tell me what recourse I the customer have to get my rights from you?
I also asked you to have a look at the Board of Works road and put it in better condition for those of us who do not have to go to a school, but do require easier access to the village than have to spend 20 minutes to one half an hour trying to get down Donnybrook Hill. It looks like we the people who have lived here for years are the forgotten ones as far as the road system is concerned. The left-hand side of the "Back Road to Carrigaline" as we call it is nothing short of a disgrace. The last time I travelled it was practically non-existent by Cashmans farm.
I already pointed out to you if I remember correctly that the speed going to and from Carrigaline is gone out of hand on this road. I would respectfully suggest to you and Cork Co. Council that this whole stretch of road be made a 40mph zone and let it be enforced from Bracken Court to Carrigaline. There is absolutely no sense in my opinion allowing people to drive like lunatics on this road, as it will cause a major accident before long and then it will be to late.
I am sending a copy of this letter to the Cork Co. Manager as I feel he needs to know how we in Donnybrook are being treated and also a copy of my local Newsletter.
Perhaps this time you might have the courtesy to get the work done without further delay and before there is a serious accident on the hill.


Dear Douglas Weekly,
With reference to one of your readers letters. “I actively shop with my wife which took a lot of courage in the earlier days" he says. I'm guessing it takes a lot more courage every day as he refers to her later as "She who must be obeyed". This my man is antiquated, as is shopping with your wife for underwear. Shopping for your wife is the new thing. All this aside there will always be a "what's hot and what's not in life".
What I can tell you is fact underwear departments do best off the main thoroughfare, in a department store. Why is that? - Because most women prefer to shop, examine, etc, underwear without being watched by male shoppers - who evidently end up looking at everyone else's wife, girlfriend, mother, sister, daughter etc.
Do you really believe it wouldn't bother a neighbour of yours shopping for a white thong with you standing within 3 feet?
Working in the rag trade for the past 20 years, I have come across all sorts. Men who pick out (dictate to their wives) what they should wear (jocks). Those who accompany (without choice) their wives (knickers). Those who actually enjoy shopping with their wives (Tom & John). You are oblivious to the fact that women's fitting rooms are just that, WOMENS. If we (and I include myself) wanted men in there looking at us - we could just strip and try it on, on the shop floor. en who follow their wives into the oasis are not (fact) wanted by women. We reckon you spend so much time with your wives that you're so utterly bored that you have cause to look at us.
I have yet to come across a unisex changing room. No one objects to women with young children. They don't leer, only stare. The fact that the opposite sex have walked in does not make it unisex, why do you think that there are curtains and doors on the fitting room doors? - PRIVACY.
In a world where everything is out there on display - leave us what's left to us - A day in town on our own. Finally, I am not, believe it or not, anti men. In fact I adore men. I love my husband and enjoy his company - but I wouldn't inflict him on every woman every time I wanted to go shopping for my undies.
Yours truly, Independent shopper. Name & address with editor.