13th July, 2000


Dear Editor,

I would appreciate if you would allow me space in your wonderful publication to express our thanks to the Douglas Lions Club for a wonderful holiday in Mosney. All of us had the time of our lives and the happy memories will be with us for many years to come. Thank you once again for what you have done for us and for all the great work that The Douglas Lions Club have done over the years and wishing you well for the future
Sincerely Yours.
Hilda Mulcahy


Cork Corporation have employed a PR company to spread a false message; "following the cessation of intake of refuse by Dec 2002" This is taken directly from an information leaflet distributed to households in the area In fact the Corporation have a joint plan with the County Council and a private contractor to INCREASE INTAKE OF REFUSE THREEFOLD. Under their already advanced plans the entire City and County Refuse, from a population of 420,500, would be delivered by truck to the Kinsale Rd. It would then be sorted into different categories in a vast "Materials Recovery Facility" Different trucks would then transport the refuse back out to various sites. There is also a Construction and Demolition Processing Facility on the site, which "intakes" huge quantities of material, and is planned to continue doing so. The future traffic has been estimated at over one truck per minute. The C and D activity is currently sending dust storms into GreenLawn and surrounding estates.
The PR company employed by the Corporation have imaginatively applied the word 'Recycling' to the "proposed Materials Recycling Facility" and the C and D 'Recycling' facility. It would appear that this creative use of language is to distract from the reality that there are
plans to take back over 40 percent of the promised amenity area, and to establish an Industrial Zone. This zone would house vast Refuse treatment plants, FOREVER. Corporation officials are so confident that these plans will go ahead that the infrastructural roads are already being built. The elected Councillors of Cork Corporation have always been against the Dump. In 1990 and 1991 they voted 2 to 1 for closure. They were overruled by the
City Manager, on the basis that the Corporation had no other site. There is no evidence of any attempt by officials to locate another site, ever. It would appear that local democratic government is completely powerless, a fact reinforced by the Pylons issue.
The Kinsale Road Dump Action Group has formed to stop this abuse. They aim to ensure that:- Not a single ounce of refuse enters the site after December 2002. Cork Corporation honours it's commitment to develop the post dump site for public amenity purposes as quickly as possible. Portions of the site are not allocated for Waste Processing, Private enterprise, or Industrial, uses.
They are appealing to the people of Cork, including their public representatives, to finally put an end to the huge, ugly, stinking travesty at the Kinsale Rd. It is still possible to realise the dream of a 163 acre Wildlife and Recreational Park, untainted by the past, deception, or
Dan FitzGerald
Kinsale Road Dump Action Group.