27th July, 2000


Dear Michael,
In your recent issue of the 29th June, 2000, I read that the residents in Calderwood Estate were complaining about the condition of the road in the Estate. I couldn't agree more with the residents' concerns. Their Estate is badly in need of repair, particularly the area around Calderwood Circle and Calderwood Road would be the two areas that I would think need particular attention.
I have been speaking to the County Council Offices in Carrigaline about the matter and they have informed me that they intend resurfacing Calderwood Circle next year,it has been included in the Non-national Roads Estimates for 2O01 and they intend carrying out some work on Calderwood Road also. However, the work on Calderwood Road is not scheduled until 2002 but should funding become available before that they feel that Calderwood Estate is one of the Estates which needs attention as quickly as possible.

Yours sincerely,
Cllr.Deirdre Clune,T.D.
Douglas Village East
(021) 890000


Dear Michael,
I read with interest your recent feature on the crow problem. I contacted the dept of the Environment, who referred me to Duchas. I spoke with both Duchas and the local Ranger. They told me some interesting things. All wildlife is protected to some extent, by the Wildlife act. They award derogations to individuals and public bodies in special circumstances, e.g. at the airport where jet engine bird intake is human life threatening. They have not awarded any derogations in Cork currently.
However the minister Sile De Valera has made an order allowing such activities as poisoning, in particular circumstances, from June to September this year.
When I put it to the Ranger that the huge crow population density was due to the Corporation's activities in the first instance (The Dump), I was informed that the operation of Landfills was an issue for the department of the Environment. I believe this is called the run-around.
The Corporation are causing huge quantities of birds to breed and congregate in the Douglas Area. They are then slaughtering them because of complaints over droppings, etc. The Corporation have plans to INCREASE the intake of Untreated Refuse threefold. If their plan for an MRF on the site is allowed the Crow problem is one of many which will be with us forever.
I would say to the Corporation, CLOSE THE DUMP REALLY!
Sincerely, Dan FitzGerald
Riverway, Douglas


Re-Proposed changes to Cork City Centre ...
I recall as a child from the upstairs front seat of a Double Decker Bus, in the days of the early '50's, turning from McCurtin Street at Paddy Barry's Corner into Bridge Street and taking in the wonderful view of Patrick Street.
McCurtin Street a hive of, the Baltimore Stores with it's slogan "If it swims we have it". In typical Cork humour some guy added his 3/4pence worth "If it smells we sell it".
Before being destroyed by fire there was "Scott's" beautiful store. How many Corkonians got their first bicycle from Jack Healy? The thriving Metropole Hotel, where I later enjoyed my wedding reception in the elaborate ballroom. I believe the closest you can get to Thompsons heavenly confectionery nowadays is at Floury Hands on Daunts Square. You had Hadgi Beys Turkish Delight, Donaldson's Camera Shop where my late Mother worked. Lawson's outfitters for rugby clubs and colleges countrywide.
One -Way traffic sounded the death knell for McCurtin Street, eliminating arguably the greatest entrance to any city in Ireland. Captains and members of victorious 'Rebel' teams marvel at the view from Bridge Street to Penny's (once Munster Arcade) on Pana's sea of red.
Making McCurtin Street two-way again would breathe new life into this historic area, providing visitors with a great view of Father Mathew in his present and hopefully permanent position.
Neil O'Donoghue


I read the "weekly" with great interest every week. I wonder if any other commuters through Church St. (I think I have the right name- it is the street between Barrys' pub & O'Driscolls, now the Bohemian) have encountered the following problem and may have contacted you about it. I drive throught there every morning, from Grange to Skehard Road on my way
to work. I had changed my route to throught the Tesco carpark due to traffic holdup in that area when deliveries were made to O'Driscolls pub. Now that the pub has reopened, the problem has reappeared. On two mornings last week, I was delayed because a lorry delivering to the Bohemian pub was parked illegally on the double yellow lines beside the pub. This reduces this part of the road to single traffic. The traffic trying to get on to the village cannot pull out from behind the lorry. It is also dangerous as a motorist cannot see the traffic light ahead when the lorry is parked on the road. Last Friday morning was particularly bad as another lorry turned on to Church St. from the village and could not continue due to the volume of traffic held up on Church St. I tried twice to contact Douglas Garda Station on Friday last 21st July to outline the problem to them and suggest they request the Bohemian to have their delivery lorries park at the front of the pub but there was no reply both times (first at around mid morning, second time mid afternoon). Why do the delivery lorries have to park beside the pub? Why can they not park in front of the pub where there is more room on that part of the street?
I am sending you this in case other commuters have been in touch with you.
Grange Reader
(Name and address with editor)