21st September, 2000


Is there any chance the council could clear/ spray the weeds that are growing along the pathway by bracken court and if possible in the park itself.
Who is responsible for the upkeep of the parks in the donnybrook area?
Is it always going to be left up to the residents?
The new surface on donnybrook hill was a long time overdue, how long before it gets dug up again ?

Bracken Court resident.


Dear Michael
Just writing to thank you for your generous publicity on 'The Douglas Weekly' for my cycle to Russia, which is only a couple of weeks away.
If I could take this opportunity to scribble down a couple of words to thank everyone who supported me and if you could publish it, I would be greatly appreciative. I wish to thank The Douglas GAA Club, the Douglas Bowles Club and every individual who took a card and sponsored me. There are simply just too many to mention but I'm sure that I'll thank each and every one, if I haven't done so already.
When I begun the task of raising the substantial sum of money, I wondered how I could do it. Making out different ways to approach people I can easily say it wasn't a bother in the world to anyone I approached to put their hand in their pocket and take out 5 or 10 and give to me towards the fund. Most of all I would like to thank my family and friends who gave an incredible amount of help over the last three months and still sponsored me again on the night of the dance, which was a great success towards the fund. Most of the people I know sponsored me twice and are still getting money together. As I said on the dance night, I can't thank people enough. Only for them I wouldn't have the money to sponsor this cycle for Chernobyl! Once again, thank you so much for everything.
Yours with thanks
Mark Kennedy