19th August 1999
The Noticeboard


It is often very hard when you see cute puppies and kittens to make a suitable choice. However, there are a few tips that may make your decision easier.

A small animal needs a lot of care, however, when deciding between a puppy and a kitten or a large or small pet, remember that a kitten or a small pet will need less attention and care that a puppy or large pet.

Suitability to your home
If you have a small house or apartment then a kitten or a small dog may be more practical to your available living space.

You and Your Family
More people are allergic to cat hair than to dog hair, and if you have asthma, cat hair may aggravate the condition.

Care needed:
Long haired pets need to be groomed often.
Large dogs will need a lot of exercise, cats tend to be more independent.
Your pet will need to boarded at a cattery or kennel if you go on holidays.
Dogs will need obedience training, cats will not.

Finding the Right Pet
The following lists of qualities that you might desire in your pet may make the choice easier. Circle the most favourable qualities and you may have a clearer idea of what you want in you pet.
Kitten list
Long haired, short haired, hairless or curly haired.
Breeding cat or house pet or independent cat.
Show Pet / Pedigree.

Puppy List
Small / Medium / Large / Tiny
Working / Pet / Guard / Companion
Peaceful / Energetic / Steady / Playful
Show Dog / Breeding Dog / Pet Dog
Pedigree or Mongrel
Smooth Haired / Long Haired / Hairless

After circling the desired qualities, find a dog or cat that match your needs and wants.

continued next week ...


Monkstown Castle was built in 1636 by Anastasia Arch Deacon. She intended it as a surprise for her husband, John, who at the time was serving in the army of Philip IV of Spain. She employed workmen on the understanding that the cost of their board and lodging was deducted from their wages during the time of construction, so keeping expenditure to a minimum. On completion she balanced the books and found a debit of 4p.
When Oliver Cromwell came to Ireland, the castle was confiscated and granted to a British naval officer, Captain Thomas Plukett. A succession of owners followed including the Dean of Cloyne and the Shaw, Longford and De Vesci families. During the Peninsular War it was converted into a barracks. It was leased by Viscount De Vesci to Monkstown Golf Club in 1958. On the building of a new club-house in 1971 the castle was abandoned. It is now a ruin.

Luke Philpott.


August is the time to sow late carrots and over-winter onions, it’s also a good time to sow spring cabbage. You can continue
to grow salad vegetables, and take cuttings of most shrubs. But keep hoeing, sowing, dead-heading, and feeding. And where and when it’s necessary, if it’s necessary at all..watering.
Re-plant cleared beds or keep them weed free by hoeing or mulching. You can reproduce carnations by layering, and you can take cuttings of geraniums, and pelargoniums. If you have raspberries prune them after fruiting and tie in three or four new vanes for next year. Don’t forget to lift, sort and save your tulip bulbs for next year. If the weather permits clip your hedges while the growth is still soft. Continue feeding greenhouse tomatoes, and outside summer prune plum and cherry trees. And finally as the summer crops clear you can start sowing winter vegetables.


Once again it is that time of year when the women of Cork prepare for the Echo mini-marathon (5 miles). This year it is to be held on Sunday 19th September and we are looking for runners, walkers and sponsors. Tee-shirts and sponsorship cards are available from the Centre and can also be posted or
delivered to you. Registration forms are in the Evening Echo.
Further information available on Tel: (021) 505736


On Saturday, August 28th, St. Luke’s Home are planning a Garden visit to Diarmuid and Mary Lynch (also known as Liz Kavanagh of the Farmers Journal),, Granig House, Minane Bridge, Company Cork. Monies raised will go to St. Lukes Home, Mahon - an elderly care facility catering for 90 residents. The complex includes a specialised unit for the care of 30 Alzheimer patients, one of the first in Ireland, and a Day Care Centre will also be provided in the near future.
The cost of this complex was 4 million. Please support St. Luke’s Home as we work to support the elderly in our community.
The time of the Garden Visit is 2pm till late. Garden admission is 3.00 and house admission is 2.00 including afternoon tea. There will be stalls for cake and plants there including a St. Lukes raffle. All are welcome!