2nd September 1999
The Noticeboard


Unfortunately the incidence of cat FIV (AIDS) and FELU (leukaemia) is becoming more and more common in Cork City, so here is some information and symptoms to look out for in your cat.
- Through the saliva - fighting tom cats are frequent carriers and are also at the highest risk.
- Through mating and licking - again toms usually transmit the virus to house pets and feret cats since they tend to cover a lot of territory.
FELU (Leukaemia)
Often a cat who has FIV is more prone to contracting FELU.
Symptoms of FIV
- Weight loss
- Flea infestations
- Occasional fevers
- Dull coat
- Progressive deterioration
Symptoms of FELU
- Tumours, lumps of the bowel, liver, kidneys and chest.
- Anaemia (paleness)
- Lethargy
- Weight loss.
Unfortunately there is no vaccine for FIV, neither is there a cure. For FELU there is a vaccine but once contracted FELU cannot be cured. Cats may also carry the viruses for months or years, passing on the infection to other cats. However, preventative measures can be taken.
- Vaccinate for FELU (leukaemia)
- Neuter your cat - especially if it is a tom, as they will fight, roam and mate, thus becoming a high risk to themselves and other cats.
- Avoid encouraging strays - if you do feed strays try to have them neutured - you may help prevent dangerous viruses from spreading.
If your cat does appear to have the aforementioned signs there are tests that can be carried out. They will only require ten minutes of your time and a few drops of blood from your pet.
FELU and FIV is only present in cats and so humans and other species of animals cannot contract these diseases. Yet these viruses are dangerous and easily spread as well as being untreatable, so please do your best to ensure your pet and other cat’s safety from deadly viruses.


The Italian authorities seemed a little confused, if not perturbed, by our questions. They were certainly very vague with their answers. Italy does have day-care facilities for children and these are run by institutions and private citizens. Whether there are any state run creches or not nobody seemed to know. One thing is clear and that is all elementary education up to the age of eight is free. The state does maintain that it is the duty and right of parents to support, instruct and educate their children including those born out of wedlock.
They make no distinction between children of married or single parents. We failed to establish if the Italian government have a child care policy but they did tell us they promote and encourage the institutions that are necessary for such purposes.
We gather that these institutional and private child-care facilities are as varied as they are individual and we could not find a common denominator. It is a far cry from what is happening in Denmark and Sweden, but not too unlike our situation in Ireland. If we can squeeze any more information from the Italian authorities we will keep you informed.


Our First Mass for the re-opening will be the Vigil Mass at 6.00 pm Sat. September 18th. Masses on Sunday morning September 19th at St. Columba's will be 8.30 am; 10.00 am; 11.00 am. and 12.15pm. Times of Masses in St. Patrick's will be 6.30pm (Vigil); 11.00 am; and 12.30 pm.


SATURDAY, 11th SEPT, ‘99
The 1st Cork Company of the Boys Brigade is holding a sposored cycle from Cork to Youghal, in aid of the Boy’s Brigade ‘Millennium Lifeboat Appeal’, which is a Brigade Project to supply four lifeboats on the coastal waters of the British Isles, one of which will be stationed in Youghal. Support for the project would be greatly appreciated.

6th SEPT - 11th SEPT. ‘99
The Cork Arts Theatre presents a Phoenix Theatre Company Production of Willy Russell’s ‘Shirley Valentine’, staring the inimitable Dolores Mannion.
Shows starts at 8pm nightly and tickets are 6 and 5.
Box Office: Tel: (021) 508398


Bull McCabes are hosting a night for the Turkey Earthquake Fund on Thurs. next, 9th Sept. Music will be by Black Rose and there will be lots of spot prizes and plenty of complimentary bar food. There is no cover charge but donations are welcome. Please support this very worthy cause.


After a very successful Summer Programme for both adults and children, Douglas Library is set to begin a busy schedule for the Autumn.
The Lough Gramophone Circle will start things off on Friday September 3rd. at the usual time of 11.00am., so if you feel like whiling away a very pleasant hour listening to music in the library, do come along. There is no charge and every body is welcome.
The Douglas Reading Circle, which was involved in the Summer Literary Programme, will have it’s next meeting in the library on Wednesday Sept.8th at 11.00 am.- 12.00. This dynamic group are bursting with plans for the coming year, starting with a talk on writing fiction by well-known childrens’ author, Bernadette Leach. She will address the meeting on Sept. 8th at 11.45 am, and this talk is open to everybody, so all you budding writers, please take note!
The Reading Circle have also released the details of their next long-awaited literary trip, which promises to be just as successful and enjoyable as the previous ones.
Anyone who is interested in becoming a member of the Reading Circle, please phone Douglas Library at 277110 for details.
Douglas Bookclub, which deals with books and authors in depth, meets on the second Wednesday each month, and will hold their next meeting on Wednesday September 15th at 11.00am in the library. New members are welcome.
The library is currently hosting an art exhibition, “Reflecting through Art 1999”. This is an exhibition of art by people availing of the Mental Health Services in the Cork region.
September is the time when children, (and adults) traditionally go back to school, and details of local adult education classes are advertised in the library. Children are encouraged to use the library both to improve reading skills and to facilitate school projects.
October will see an exhibition of art works by Daniel Corkery, author of “The Hidden Ireland”, together with lectures and readings from his books.
The Internet is available for public use, but needs to be booked in advance. There is also provision for checking e-mail.

The library is open Tue. - Sat. 10.00am. - 5.30pm. Late opening Thursday: 10.00arn. - 8.30.pm. Phone: 277110



A year ago, Douglas Weekly was advocating the need for a local centre for our senior citizens, not just a day-care centre but a social centre as well. Now at last a voice in the wilderness, Ballincollig based T.D. Batt O’Keeffe has this to say; “I am very concerned that a day care centre in respect of the elderly should be established in the Douglas area. Demographic trends indicate clearly the demand for this type of centre will be an absolute necessity in urban settings such as Douglas and the demand is there already. Lion House is providing accommodation and an expansion of this scheme would suggest that perhaps the Health Board should enter negotiations with the committee of Lion House to facilitate a day care centre on the grounds of Lion House itself in Douglas. I am aware that Day Care centre initiatives for the period 1999 / 2003 has been adopted by the board and that Douglas is included. The provision of a site as part of an overall integrated plan for care of the elderly in Douglas will obviously be a prequisite to expedite funding for such a centre. I have now asked the Southern Health Board Community Care and Management to enter into negotiations with the various voluntary committees providing shelter and care in the Douglas area with a view to identifying a site - so that we will be in a position in the near future to seek funding from the Department of Health and Children”.


Another one of nature’s soldiers in the war against weeds is Iberis (Iberis umbellata ) which we all know as Candytuft. Very easy to grow and generous in their flowering. These prolific Summer flowers almost obliterate surrounding foliage
with compact clusters of white, pink and lavender. These deservedly popular annuals grow 6 - 15 inches tall and are fond of spreading. The Iberis Amara for example bears heads of fragrant white flowers that gradually extend to form spikes
that are excellent for cutting.
When sown in the autumn candytufts flower in June and July, and if sown in the spring from June to September.
For best results, sow outdoors in early autumn, or in spring at one or two monthly intervals to extend the flowering season. They thrive in ordinary soil and like lots of sun. Candytufts also are great to brighten up a border with their cheerful summer flowers.
A West Cork reader tells us she uses nice flowery ground cover plants in her cabbage patch, she says it looks great and there’s no need for weeding. It seems like a great idea and may be well worth a try.

If any of our readers have any other novel ideas, or gardening tips or inquiries, we would love to hear from you.

Special thanks to all who supported the C.W.H.A collection at Douglas Court last week. As a result Carol Wiley was able to send a container load of food to stricken people of Istanbul in Turkey.

Re-opening September 4th, 1999 at Douglas Community School. Proudly serving the community for 21 years, we are back in action with one of the best equipped clubs in Cork. Club meets in Douglas Community School, staffed by Irish Gymnastics men and ladies, certified coaches.


Fat Savers is a unique idea developed by Patrica Lavelle, following twenty years experience at a professional level in the food industry. Market Research shows that the majority of our adult population are interested but, have little knowledge of how to cook with the minimum of fat.
The object of ‘Fat Savers’ is to educate people in how to cook healthy, delicious food quickly, but in a different way, which will automatically reduce fat intake. Pilot classes commenced last April and were quickly booked out with many of the participants on this course finding it so enjoyable and informative that a second course was requested. ‘Fat Savers Part Two’ starts in The Wilton Community Centre at 8.30pm on Tuesday October 19th 1999. Classes consist of Cookery demonstrations, Tastings, Recipe Handouts, and tips for healthier eating. Courses are normally run in blocks of six, although there is a once off basic class available to groups. Busy individuals can learn in a one to one situation in their own home.
The emphasis of ‘Fat Savers’ is not on weight loss but on eating healthily, resulting in overall improvements to the whole body. Next course (6 Classes) commencing in ‘Wilton Community Hall’ on Tuesday 7th September 1999, at 8.30pm, and also in ‘Douglas Community Hall’ commencing Thursday 9th September 1999, at 8.30pm
Cost: 40.00 per person. Booking advisable.
For more information contact Patrica Lavelle at 021-343380.
Healthy eating for a healthy body!


Interested in Singing? Looking for a social outlet?
The Dundanion Singers are a choral group based in Blackrock and currently have vacancies in all lines and would be very pleased to hear from anyone interested in singing.
Rehearsals are every Wednesday (8pm-10pm) at the Community Centre, Convent Road, Blackrock (near Pier Head bar), commencing 8th September, 1999. The musical director is David O’Sullivan. For full details regarding membership, etc... contact Mary @ 358659 or Denis @ 291096.
Our library consists of a wide range of popular music and a warm welcome awaits our members.


This is the 5th Annual Pet Fair and is it is being held, as usual, in the Doughcloyne Inn Hotel. Come along and see the largest variety of reptiles, birds and insects together under one roof.
Free advice is given on how to care for your pet, with many long-term pet-keepers on hand to give you the best advice.
All proceeds from the day are being donated to assorted pet care groups.