28th October, 1999
The Noticeboard


All cuttings need adequate light, protection from frost and to be kept moist. If you don’t have access to a greenhouse or cold frame, a kitchen window-sill, a window-sill or shelf near a window in a garage or a cloche near a wall will do.
Watch humidity levels in mini-propagators such as plastic bags. Cuttings rot if they get too wet. Enlarge ventilation holes or make new ones where necessary. Keep the compost moist but not sodden. Once rooted, gradually harden off cuttings before removing the cover by opening the propagator vents or making holes in the plastic cover.
Always take more cuttings than you need. They won’t all survive. Keep an eye on cuttings and promptly remove any that are wilted or diseased, you can use a tweezers if the cuttings are crammed together. Pot cuttings as soon as they have rooted so they won’t starve.
HARDWOOD CUTTINGS: While plant cuttings and soft and semi-ripe shrub cuttings need protection to get established, you have a choice with hardwood cuttings. Using a propagator leads to quicker rooting, but you can also plant them in a cold frame or outdoors.
Choose a sheltered reasonably sunny site where the soil is not waterlogged. Trim cuttings to 25cm with the top of each cut at an angle and the base cut square. Dig a trench to the depth of the cuttings with one vertical side and line the bottom with sharp sand. Insert the cuttings along the vertical wall of the trench to two thirds of their length, and about 8 to 15cm apart. Replace the soil.
If your garden is exposed, root bundles of cuttings vertically or horizontally in sand. Keep them in a sheltered position or indoors over winter and move them out once severe frosts are over. In spring check for shoots or calluses (swellings) cut them into sections so that each has roots and shoots , and plant out.


St. Patrick’s Woollen Mills has recently completed the construction of 10 new commercial units amounting to an additional 18,000 sq. ft. It is upgrading its access roads including traffic controls, parking delineation and resurfacing. An ongoing programme of refurbishing and upgrading the existing units is now in hand.
Increased traffic has caused severe congestion both on the estate itself and, in particular, at the entry and exit points at the South Douglas Road. New regulations to control the traffic flow and eliminate illegal parking within the commercial estate will be introduced shortly. These include the posting of strict parking regulations in the vicinity of the entrance yard and the introduction of wheel clamping on all vehicles that break these regulations. It is anticipated that these procedures will be operational sometime during the month of November this year.


The Douglas Library are holding their “Children’s Book Festival, 1999” from 26th October to 30th October.
Activities and entertainment will include a puppet show by Remar Faust, “Beasties & Broomsticks” - spoken storytime with Nan Kennedy (for over 6’s). You can even dress up if you like!
Also, a Creative Writing Competition on Wednesday 3rd November at 4.00pm.
Representatives of Douglas Credit Union will award the prizes to the winners and successful entries of the competition and runners-up will be on display.
Ongoing activities include colouring for under 8’s, and their “add a leaf to the reading tree”.
For more information you can contact the Douglas Library.


At the surgery we have many clients enquiring as to how to train their dogs, so this week I’ve decided to train a dog called “D-for”, a labrador.
D-for is 4 and half months old, the optimum age for his breed to be trained. Smaller dogs such as Yorkies or Poodles can begin their training earlier as smaller breeds mature quicker. Its a good idea to begin training at an early age as you’ve heard the saying, “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks!”
With D-for I have to help him understand whose the boss, I can’t let him bully me! There are, though, a few things that will help him understand. When I feed him, I feed him after I have eaten, I go into the house before him, I don’t let him jump on the beds (or furniture - or me!) and he’s not allowed into the kitchen. Usually a firm “NO” gets across the message.
D-for is slowly becoming more eager to obey my commands because he always gets a treat when he does. It is very important to reward him so he knows when he is doing something right and becomes eager to repeat his feat.
Unfortunately, all my family won’t help train him. Yet it is important that only one person takes control of the training and the rest of the family sticks with your commands so as not to confuse him. Keeping his training regular and frequent is helpful in quick learning.
However, D-for regrettably doesn’t understand when I tell him “SIT”, “STAY” or “ROLL-OVER”. He just gets a quizzed look on his face, so I end up having to show him how to “SIT”, “STAY” or “ROLL OVER”.

Next week I will explain how to train him in these simply commands, with a few more pointers on successful training.


Sunday’s Well Swimming Club are holding a Table Quiz at the Glananaar Bar, Boreenmanna Road on Wednesday 3rd of November at 8.00pm.
Please support this fundraising event.


The traditional herbal remedy St. John’s Wort has been classified as a prescription only medicine in Ireland from next January. The Irish Medicines Board has not given an explanation for this decision to either Irish health industry organisations or the many thousands of consumers who use this herb daily. It has been rumoured that the decision has been taken because of possible interactions between St. John’s Wort and certain foods or medicines. If this is the case, what evidence does the IMB possess, and why have they acted to leave Ireland unique among our European partners in restricting this herb in this way? If the IMB has evidence that St. John’s Wort is dangerous, they must publish this to see if it stands up and they must examine how the regulatory authorities in other countries respond. If the IMB has indeed recently become a world authority on the safety of herbs, and they publish compelling reasons for their decision, it stands to reason that the FDA in America and the MCA in the UK will review their evidence and follow suit.
Of course this will not happen as most countries have reviewed the data on St. John’s Wort and have correctly decided that it is a safe, effective herb which should be allowed on free sale. If this is the case, then why has this action been taken? Only the IMB know this, but it would not be unreasonable to think they have capitulated to demands of pharmaceutical companies who want to control the growing market for natural products. This has serious implications for our right to use natural remedies for health promotion and disease prevention.
If you care about the future of natural remedies and your right to use safe alternatives to drugs to promote better health for yourself and your family, you need to act now. Visit your nearest health store and sign the petition to maintain freedom of choice and also contact your Government TD’s to make representations to Brian Cowen to have this decision reversed.
In a similar battle in the UK last year on vitamin B6, people power won the day and the decision was reversed. We must make sure the same result is achieved in Ireland and the IMB sticks to the task it was set up for, regulating medicines.

John Philpott, Frankfield.


Helen and Tony Healy travelled to Omagh to attend the Omagh Bombing First Anniversary Ceremony on the 15th August. They did this to join with those that lost and suffered in that awful atrocity and to offer support, particularly to the Gallagher family, whose son Adrian perished on that awful day. Helen and Tony have built up a strong relationship with the Gallagher family since the bomb blast, and the Gallaghers came to Cork last November to attend the Bereaved Parents Support Group annual Commemorative Gathering.
As estimated 40,000 people attended the main ceremony. The population of Omagh is 17,000 approx. Some of those injured and family and friends of some of the deceased could not face the event. Many also have not been to the scene of the blast such is their depth of grief.
One comment made by the father of one of the young men that was murdered was that if his son, who loved cars, had only been killed in a car accident, how “easier” it would be to cope with the loss. He said this whilst we visited the grave with him, and it in someway gave us an insight in to the near insurmountable grief being suffered as we lost our son in a car accident, which left us devastated.

The Bereaved Parents Support Group in Douglas, offer a free course to those interested in developing skills to help others to cope with bereavement. There are a limited number of places available. For further details please contact (021) 364695.


There have been a number of people who have actually gone to the trouble of phoning to say that smoking does relieve stress. In fact these people were quite obviously upset that I stated that smoking actually causes stress. As stated in previous articles, people come up with all different reasons in order to persuade themselves that they need to smoke, “Smokers Excusitis”. With
logical and scientific argument the nonsense or illusion that smoking relieves stress is proven to be false. If a person believes that they are smoking simply to relieve stress and then at a later stage they realise that smoking does anything but relieve stress, that in fact smoking causes stress and then they continue to smoke, then what are they left with? Nothing!
They are then smoking, knowing that the very thing that they thought was relieving the symptom is actually causing it. Lets look at the analogy I used last week. You’re locked in a garage and the engine of a car is running. How stressed would your body be? Think of the choking. The reason I used the engine of a car running is that cigarettes contain a toxic gas that also comes out of the exhausts of cars lorries etc. Carbon monoxide is a death gas if taken in large dosage. With all due respect to smokers, how on Gods’ earth could the act of inhaling this toxic smoke relieve stress? It has to have the opposite effect. It has to cause the body to go into a state of stress. Even smokers in a smoky bar will be the first to complain that the place is too smoky and that it’s killing them. The reason I said to imagine the choking in the garage is because smokers tend to be choking a lot of the time, even though they are slow to admit it. Does the choking relieve stress? Stress is a specific psychological reaction to threat or danger that we have inherited from our early ancestors. The liver is stimulated into providing energy in the form of sugars and the heart begins to work harder to get this energy to vital organs and muscles. It is a life saving mechanism that produces the fight or flight syndrome. Is smoking a life saving mechanism? People have also reported that since reading my articles on smoking that when they do smoke that the cigarette tastes disgusting. The simple reason for this is that cigarettes really do taste disgusting. That’s just one of the reasons why my Defeat Smoking Method is so successful and why people report that they’re surprised that it’s so easy to quit. Defeat Smoking Now.


EU Governments are setting up a task force to clamp down on cross-border tax dodgers. The group will be asked to report by the end of May next year on whether current cooperation between national tax administrators is sufficient and, if not, put forwards suggestions for improvements.


Most mobile phone companies have been reviewing their products and manufacturing systems to identify and solve Year 2000 problems. Their assessments have revealed that most mobile phones and battery chargers for mobile phones either a) do not contain internal date storage, processing or display capabilities and are not affected by the Year 2000 date change, or b) Do not contain the above, but are Year 2000 compliant.
Remember, the mobile phone is carried by a telecommunications network. Although the phone itself may be compliant, the network may not be updated. The current two mobile networks in Ireland are continually being reviewed and tested for Year 2000 compliance. Mobile phone users may have problems while using their phone in a foreign country where the local systems are not complaint.