16th December, 1999
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More information on the meteor showers
mentioned last week.

This is an annual meteor shower. The dates from the time when this area of sky was identified as the constellation Quadrans Muralis now no longer used. The peak for this shower is 3rd Jan. Normal 1-6 Jan. The narrow stream of meteors is not associated with any known comet.
This is an annual shower that is sometimes called the April Lyrids. The shower peaks around 22nd April and normal limits are 19th-25th April. The meteor stream is associated with Comet Thatcher. Records of the shower date back 2,500 years.
Eta Aquarids and Delta Aquarids
Eta are observed between about 24th April- May 20th, peaking 4th-5th May. This is a fine southern shower, associated with Halley's Comet. Delta occur between 15th July-20th Aug, peaking on 29th July-7th Aug.
This is a major annual shower. It's peaks on 12th Aug and the normal limits are 23rd July-20th Aug. the meteor stream is associated with Comet Swift Tuttle. This is one of the best, most reliable annual showers, with peak rates typically between 50-100 per hour.


A new school will be opening in Douglas early in the New-Year. The 'Douglas School of Music' will open on Monday 10th January next. It's director and founder, American pianist Dana Forbes now living in the area says "I feel Douglas needs a cultural focal point, so I am organising the 'Douglas School of Music'. All kinds of musical styles, classical, jazz, traditional, rock/pop and folk will be taught. The teachers are fully qualified, Diploma & B Mus standard, and are also well known professional musicians. A wide range of instruments will be taught, including keyboards, piano, guitar, violin, clarinet, flute, saxophone, drums, singing and harmonies. There are no restrictions on styles or instruments, and there are absolutely no age limits, everybody is welcome. All levels of performing will be taught, and exam preparation will be available but not obligatory.
Dana Forbes came to prominence in Cork with her involvement in the hugely successful I.O.R.C. production of 'Me and My Girl' at the Cork Opera House. Dana studied with Peter Katin in London and received her B Mus. She has been teaching piano for fifteen years and keyboard for five. Why not give Dana a ring @ 087 2755995


35 years ago or so, a well known psychologist named John Bowlby claimed through in depth research, that a child who didn't have a close and loving relationship with it's mother, would suffer serious personality disturbances later on in life. For example, Bowlby claimed that if a mother died shortly after giving birth, the child would be affected by anxieties that would have a long-term impact on his or her later character. This became widely known as the theory of maternal deprivation. Bowlby's research and claims opened the floodgates for further research in the area of child behaviour.
To explore Bowlby's ideas, Harry Harlow carried out some enlightening and important experiments. Harlow's experiments involved the rearing of Rhesus monkeys away from their mothers. The monkeys were also isolated from others. Harlow very carefully provided for the material needs of the monkeys. The results were fascinating.
The isolated monkeys showed an extreme level of behaviour disturbance, and if introduced to other normal adult monkeys, they showed fear or hostility and refused to interact with them. They spent much of their time sitting in the corner of the cage and were unable to mate with other monkeys, and in most cases they couldn't be taught to do so. Interestingly, females who were artificially impregnated showed little or no attention to their young.
To see if it was the absence of the mother that caused this abnormal behaviour, Harlow raised some young monkeys with others of the same age. These monkeys showed no sign of disturbance in later life. According to Harlow, what actually matters for normal development is that the monkey forms attachments to another or others, regardless of whether this includes the mother herself.
However, Harlow never suggested that his results demonstrated anything conclusive about humans. To prove this would be difficult because it's obviously not possible to carry out such experiments on humans. Nevertheless, research on human children seems to show that what matters for a child is the development of 'consistent patterns of early emotional attachments'. Again this need not be with the mother herself and so the term maternal deprivation is regarded as misconceived by many. [Harlow and Zimmerman,1959; Harlow and Harlow 1962; Novak, 1979]
Niall O' Sullivan


As I'm writing this I don't know the fate of Cork local radio. But as a student of radio at present, I wouldn't like to see it go. Like it or not the possible demise of C.L.R is one less choice for you and me. Usually I'd switch over to C.L.R for a few minutes and then switch back, and if I could sum C.L.R up in one word it would be 'boring'. But then again it's not everyone's cup of tea, as is obvious from its hopeless listnership figures. I was told by people in the radio business recently, that once you get your foot in the door of R.T.E they can't get you back out [unions apparently]. It must be said that C.L.R have some very good broadcasters, and people like Gerry Mac have loyal supporters and listeners who will hopefully make themselves heard. But even if R.T.E were to remain on the airwaves I would be extremely doubtful if it would even resemble its present format. Out with the old and in with the new. Revamp it. C.L.R has been around for 25 years yet it sounds the same now as it did then. It doesn't seem to be developing, but many people like it for that very reason. Just not enough people though. R.T.E is funded largely by the taxpayer. When you pay your TV license they get money. It should be kept open, particularly when you consider how rarely the hapless [in bed with commercialism] I.R.T.C grant licenses. R.T.E has the resources to be a brilliant station but it has got to change its programming to include a younger audience nothing survives without the ability to adapt, and if it can't survive in a large market with only one other competitor [96fm] then management should have got the boot years ago. D.J's on radio should be changing every few years at least a well-organized rotation system and not the same voices for years on end. Simply an opinion.
Niall O' Sullivan


Recent Successes
The U16 and U19 Basketball teams recorded wins against Crosshaven with score lines of 41-36 and 66-35 respectively which qualifies them for the semi-finals of the Cork Leagues.
The U14 Hurling team defeated Carrig na Bhfear in the Cork Colleges Championships on a score line of 2-7 to 0-3.
In the arena of Public Speaking, Kieran French, Brian Brady, Dave Ahern and Michael Barry defeated Boherbue Comprehensive and Colaiste Choilm, Ballincollig in the semi-final of the Cork Mental Health Public Speaking competition to qualify for the County final on January 17th, 2000.


A special fund-raising concert in aid of the Fifth National Song Contest for peace will take place at the Curtis Auditorium, Cork School of Music, Union Quay, on Friday 14th January, 2000 at 8.00pm
Tickets will be on sale at the door at £5.00 each.
Participating artists include the Cavanagh School of Dance, John Gibson, the Dundanion Singers, Louisa Dennehy and Niamh Ryan, Fiona O’Reilly and Eleanor Malone. Evelyn Grant will be the compere for the evening.
The Peace Movement is grateful to all the artists, who are giving their services without a fee for the cause of peace.


Something for the garden makes a great Christmas present, and there is a wealth of good ideas for garden related Christmas gifts For example Ceramic Pots, these are available in all kinds of shapes and sizes. Pots can be used on their own, or put to use holding an ornamental shrub or bedding plant. Terracotta pots are widely available, as are troughs suitable for window boxes or patios. You can also get some very good garden ornaments but these tend to be more expensive, particularly if they are hand made. If you want to brighten up garden pots you can always spray paint them. Cans of spray paint are to be found at your local hardware store or car accessory shop.
Garden Packs are another great idea. For the enthusiastic gardener why not buy a selection of seeds? Put together a pack of seeds, a seed tray, soil sieve, and plant labels and waterproof pen. This kind of present can cost under £20. Pot, compost and seed sets are also available. Packs containing herb seeds can be got from time to time. But it is more cost effective to buy pot, seeds and compost separately and pack them in an attractive box yourself.
If they person receiving the gift doesn't have access to a garden but has shown an interest in indoor plants, put together a pack o they can create their own bottle garden. You need a large clear glass bottle with wide opening, a small bag of potting compost, some expanded clay balls or gravel, and some gardeners charcoal. Include a selection of three or four, small slow growing potted plants, such as ivy and clubmoss. The whole pack shouldn't cost more than £30.
An alternative kind of garden pack could include small trowels and a kneeling pad. The kneeling pad would definitely be appreciated by anyone who ever has to weed a flower bed.
More next week.


Most people know by now that Myrtleville Beach is the place to be on Christmas morning when brave souls plunge into the icy waters for some charity or other. You need to be young and fit. It would be pushing it a bit if I disrobed and had my dip. No one wants a funeral at Christmas!
The atmosphere is wonderful when we meet all our old friends and acquaintences. Children run about, often with new toys in their hands. It is like Summer, without the weather. I like to meet the true natives of this place who are becoming very few as years go by, but new young members of their families are growing up and long may they remain among us!
The turkey cooks itself in the old Aga when eventually I get home, it will be ready. Perhaps I shall take a look at Fountainstown Beach before I return. Do I smell hot toddiee? That is for the swimmers. Do we not get too much of that sort of thing during the festive season! We must remember our blood pressure! Now I shall call and see what Santa has brought my grandchildren. The excitement in that house is catching. What it is to be young, but seeing them, we relive it all again. I find that Stoney Road is getting steeper each year, but I know that it is I who am getting stiff with the years. I look at the old homes where generations of friends lived, part of our Christmas long ago. Life moves on but I am deep in thought as I must get busy with all the trimmings to that special Christmas feast. Happy Christmas everyone!
At the end of January the Coastal Arts and Drama Society (CADS) will have their Theatre/Supper. This happens about twice a year and it is very enjoyable. This time the play will be “We do not dress for dinner”. I am told it is very good. I think one can expect anything! Why not come and enjoy a really good night if you can get a lift in a friends car. People do not like night driving! It is too early to book tickets yet but they will be on sale at John Roches photography shop “In Touch”, Carrigaline and Bunnyconnellan Hotel, which is the venue of a great nights entertainment.

Joanna O'Shea.

Christmas & New Year in ...
St. Columbaıs Church

Reconciliation Service
Sun 19th Dec. 7.30 pm.
Mon 20th Dec. 10 am.
Confessions: Friday 24th Dec.
10.30 am to 1.00 pm & 3.00 pm to 6.00 pm.
Christmas Eve - Friday 24th Dec.
MASSES: 6.00 pm
12 Midnight Mass
Masses Christmas Day:
8.30 am, 10 ; 11; 12.15 pm.
Sunday 26th Dec. - Masses (No 6 pm Vigil)
8.30 am; 10.00 am. 11.00 am; 12.15 pm.
Mon 27th Dec - Sat 1st Jan
12 noon Mass each day.
1st January 2000 !!!
12 noon: Special Mass for start of new Millennium
Prayer before the Blessed Sacrament
after Mass until 5 pm.

St. Patrickıs Church

Reconciliation Service
Mon 20th Dec. 7.30 pm.
Confessions: Friday 24th Dec.
After 9.30 am. Mass 5.00 pm to 6.00 pm.
Christmas Eve - Friday 24th Dec.
6.30 pm. Childrens’ Christmas Service
(Not a Mass)
12 Midnight Mass
Masses Christmas Day:
9.30 am; 11 am; 12.30 pm.
Sunday 26th Dec. - Masses (No Vigil)
9.30 am; 11.00 am; 12.30 pm.
Mon 27th Dec - Sat 1st Jan
11 am. Mass each day.
31st December !!!
Exposition after Mass until 5 pm.

Prayer Service at 5.00 pm.