20th January, 2000
The Noticeboard

Home Design 2000 Exhibition

Home Design 2000 will be holding an Exhibition in the Rochestown Park Hotel, Douglas from Friday 25th to Sunday 27th February 2000. This exhibition is now Ireland’s largest to be held outside Dublin.

The show times are as follows:
Friday 25th: 1pm - 10pm, Saturday 26th: 11:00am - 7pm, Sunday 27th: 11am - 7pm.

There will be 90 Exhibitors and a main feature of the show will be the Timber Framed House, which will act as a Centrepiece. Cygnum, Macroom, Co. Cork, supplies the Timber Framed House.
In a recent survey it was stated that 12% of all new houses in Ireland are Timber Framed, and one in 10 Irish Homes are now built with timber frames. Energy conservation from these houses reduced heating costs by up to 40% more than conventional housing. Half of all new homes in Scotland were timber framed and this rose to 90% in Scandinavia and the US.
Hugh Byrne, Minister of the State at the Department of the Marine and Natural Resources, said recently that timber framed construction could be a major contributor to Government proposals to increase housing supply to meet the rising demand. He added: “Using a renewable resource like timber makes perfect environmental sense and is consistent with the Government’s plan to fully develop all aspects of the forestry sector”.
There are also major benefits to the consumer because such homes could be completed and ready to occupy within weeks.
Other exhibitors include Coffin Wood Products, Celtic Interiors (Kitchens) Value Tiles, Bathrooms, Security Stands, Blinds, Curtains, Windows and Fireplaces which will make the exhibition an ideal one stop location for anyone considering Home Renovations in 2000. There will be an extended Garden Feature in the Car Park. We also hope to have Coveney’s round the world yacht located in the car park to highlight the plight of the victims of Chernobyl.

Douglas Community School

The Christmas Charities events have now been concluded in the school with in excess of £4,000 having been raised. The money has been donated to the following charities: Share, Meal on Wheels, Marymount Hospice and the Simon Community.


... is continuing its very successful PAY WHAT YOU CAN evening for all Tuesday performaces in the year 2000.
The first show of 2000 that Granary audiences can PAY WHAT THEY CAN to enjoy is ORPHEUS, presented by Steeple Theatre Company.

Traffic Annoucement for Carrigaline

Cork County Council would like to advise all road users that work will commence on the construction of a new roundabout at Young’s Hall, Carrigaline on Wednesday morning next 19th January, 2000.
Work is expected to last about two months and, although the road will remain open, traffic disruption can be expected during the construction period. Cork County Council would like to apologise to road users for any inconvenience caused by the work which is in the long term interest of better traffic management in the Carrigaline area.
Further information is available from J. P. Harrington, County Hall, Cork. Tel: (021) 285325


It is proposed to start an Irish-speaking group for adults. The group will meet in Douglas Library on the last Friday of the month at 11.00 12.00pm.

The purpose of the Coircle is to provide an opportunity for people who wish to speak as gaeilge to come together for a chat, to read magazines and newspapers and to borrow books in irish, to organize trips with a literary or historical element.

Anyone interested in the Coircle Comhrá contact Douglas Library at 277110, ext.232, or drop in to the inaugural meeting on Friday January 28th at 11.00 am.

Everyone will be welcome and admission is free.


Have you ever climbed a mountain?
Or scaled a sheer rock face,
Have you ever felt the triumph of it all?
Well, your blessings you'll be countin'
If your heart can stand the pace,
Should you ever scale a frozen waterfall.
Yeah! Climb a frozen waterfall,
Towards a murky, durky sky,
Then you'll really know the meaning of a thrill.
As straight up, the ice you crawl,
With your ice axe swinging high,
And your crampons dance the measure of your skill,
And as you fight against your pain,
With adrenaline and awe,
And you feel the bite of cool metallic air,
Then as the rust flies off tour brain,
You understand the law,
Of the need to take a challenge "'cause it's there.”

Ronnie McGinn

(The world 'Ice Scaling' championships take place in Paris on the 1st March every year. Mountain climbers from all over the world take on an artificially created 100ft-ice block. The sport originated in the North West Rocky Mountains)


Eye Make up
Eyes are the focal point of a woman's face, EyeBrows and Eyelashes softly frame the eyes.
Firstly ensure that the eyebrows are shaped correctly and evenly, by either waxing or tweezing. Your beauty therapist will advise you on what best shape would suit your shape face. If the eyebrows need darkening or lengthening, your beauty therapist can do this by thinning them. Eye shadows may be in powder, gel, cream or pencil form. They are available in a variety of colours and may be matte or pearlised. Powder is the easiest form to use. It should be applied with a sterile brush or an applicator.

Application of Eye Shadows.
Begin by applying a light colour (highlights) to the whole of the lid. Colours always need to be blended so there are no hard lines.
With a darker colour start at the corner of the eye, along the socket and blend out to the corner.
Tip: Eye shadows usually come in a duo pack and you will find the highlighter is always the first to go. In this case try refill eye shadows, where the highlighter can be replaced alone, no waste. "Artdeco" do a full range of these eye shadows.

Eyeshadow Tips
Blend shadows well.
Select colours appropriate for your skin tone and eye colour.
Older women should avoid frosted colours.
Use neutral colours to bring out a sunken area or make a prominent area recede.
Coloured women should focus on warm jewel colours.

Apply liner just inside or outside the lashline in an outward direction. Blend with the sponge tip to give a more natural look.
Highlights and emphasises the eyes accentuates eye-make-up.

Brush lashes downwards first then apply mascara in the usual fashion. It can also be applied to lower lashes.
Thickens or lengthens the lashes
Lengthens and shapes the lashes.
Nourishes and strengthens the lashes
Widens the eyes.

Charlotte Lennon (Cleoparta's Beauty Saloon) 021 9754 75
More next week


When the dark side is facing us it is in total darkness and we can not see it at all. This was another wrong concept, as the dark side of the Moon never faces us.
Metonic Cycle is a cycle of 19 years composed of 235 lunar months, at the end of which time the full Moon appears on the same day in the year as it did at the beginning of the cycle. The Metonic Cycle is named after its discover, the Greek astronomer Meton 423.This cycle was used by the Nicene Council in 325 ad in fixing the date for Easter.
Now if the Earth's orbit and the Moon's orbit were on an even plane we would get solar and lunar eclipses every month. But because their orbits are off line and eclipse is a novelty to see. In the early hours of Friday morning Jan 21st we will have the first lunar eclipse of the millennium. A lunar eclipse is when the Earth comes directly between the Sun and the Moon and blocks all sun light from the Moon. First the Moon will enter the outer shadow called the penumbra. We will see a darkening of the Moon. Gradually the Moon will move into the centre of the shadow which is called the umbra and when the Moon is totally in the umbra, that is when we will get our total lunar eclipse. The Moon will be masked in a reddish dull glow, it is a sight worth seeing. Before we get totality we will see the circular shadow gradually eating it's way in a semicircle shape across the surface of the full Moon. This is the sight that first made people think that the Earth was round. After totality slowly the eclipse abates until the full Moon shows it's glowing white surface again. This sequence of events will start happening not long after 2am the Moon will darken lightly. By 3am the first piece of the Moon will be eclipsed and by 4:05am we have total eclipse which will last until 5:20am, mid eclipse at 4:45am. It will not be until 6:30am before the Moon will be back to normal. In all, the whole event will take approximately 4 hours 30 minutes. It is a pity it is so early but it will be well worth to stay up and see some of the first lunar eclipse of the millennium.

PS… One slight correction to last week's article is the date of the last man on the moon was 11th December 1972, he was Eugene Cernan on Apollo 17, which was the last of the Apollo missions.

More on the Moon next week….
Eugene and Valda Furlong


Cllr. Deirdre Forde tells us that the County Council has been doing something for us after all. As long ago as 1997 they were negotiating for a site suitable for a Douglas Graveyard and a year ago they acquired 40 acres just 3/4 of a mile North of Ballinrea Cross on the back road to Carrigaline. The ground has been temporary leased back to the original owner while awaiting the completion of a survey, the drawing up of the final plans and then the granting of full Council approval. We are told the Council has the matter well in hand and it's up and running. Deirdre Forde says she is optimistic that the graveyard will be open in the not too distant future. Well Deirdre, we are all delighted that Douglas is finally getting a graveyard, which we believe will be shared with Carrigaline, but rest assured none of us are in any hurry to get into it.